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Getting My Kids ready For School- Body Is Taking A Hit
sexymamma12 posted:
Drive all day, walk in stores until you feel like you have no feeling in your feet left. Don't know if I can finish everything by myself wish I had a maid, butler, and a limo driver on days like these. I want everything done right an on time but I'm frustrated all the time. Are any other moms feeling what I'm feeling and I have to discipline not one but two teenagers everyday I go through the motion with them. Momma said they'll be days like this they'll be days like my momma said. God give me the strength and the mental mind to handle this. Gotta go hope everyone else is doing better. My feet hurt abd whole body aches. Still can't sleep without a sleeping pill.
Schrode responded:
I know how you feel! I have 3 kids and I get frustrated with how litte I can accomplish in a day! I also pray for strength and patience every day. I took them shopping and they were all bugging each other. The shopping trip is hard enough when you are in pain and exhausted. It can be too much when the kids are acting up. I have so much to get done before school shoes, haircuts, school supplies...and the list goes on! I usually go to sleep very easily because I am so exhausted but last night I hurt too much to sleep. We can just do our best and pray, that will have to be enough.

Soft hugs,
me_n_my_4 responded:
I can agree with you all. I have four kids, the twins are going to Kindergarten this year and I have one going to the fourth grade and then I got one still at home. It has been crazy trying to remember all the things that they need for school and running around getting it all. I can't wait unitl the first day of school so that It can be over.

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