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Pixe5 posted:
Hi all,

Yesterday I found out that I have anemia and the doc said to take an iron supplement. Maybe this is the source of my fatigue. I hope so because it may be easy to fix.

I was turned down by my insurance for provigil, but my psych doc gave me a script for nuvigil which is a newer version. I may be able to swing paying for it out of pocket until I can (hopefully) get insurance to cover it.

The only problem is that it would take 2 weeks for Walmart to get it in! I am not kidding! Between waiting 3 hours for prescriptions and now this I am looking for another pharmacy. I may go back to Costco even though it is farther away from where I live.

I am also getting a sleep study done tonight so I will see whether there is something wrong there.

Anyway I am not as discourged as I was and thank you guys for your support! ;)

rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi Pixie5. I'm glad the your doctor has nailed down the problem as to why you have felt so fatigued lately. :) My bbf has anemia, well bouts of low iron, and she is pretty much back to normal after a few weeks on iron
supplements. Know this will be the case with you as well. :)

Sorry that your insurance won't cover provigil :( I know I have dealing with so many turn downs lately :( for meds I once was able to get paid through insurance and now I have to go generic or pay for them myself. it's gotten so bad that I don't leave the counter until I know how much, if anything, their gonna pay before dropping the script off. Really sad. It's an up hill battle always with insurance companies.
Sorry about your not being able to sleep. Maybe having this new medical info will help ease your mind some and you'll find your dropping off to sleep. This might be of some help. Take a bath in Lavender bath salts before bed time. Use a Lavender moisture and light a lavender candle.. This usually works well for me.
Soft hugs going out your way.
Linda R. :)

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