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elizabeth1304 posted:
I havent been on the board in quite a while but popped in and saw the narcotic discussion. I am one of those with extra problems. I have headaches and a plate holding three disc in place. I do take narcotics and cannot make it without them. If I could wish one thing, it would be no pain so I would need no pain control. I use to be embarrassed about having to take a large quantity but pain takes over and I am at the point at 51 that I will do what I have to. If Lortab keeps me going, then I am going to take it. I refuse to be in bed because I am hurting so badly when I have something that helps me. I also take Lyrica and Soma. Other meds for other things. I have been on SSD for several years. My diploma is stowed away in a closet. I went to mega fertitily treatment so my children are young. I have a 14 year old and a 19 year old. For those of you with young children, you will survive through it. It isn't easy at all but you will make it. I did without any extra help. I guess my vent is all about this. Do what you have to do to keep your sanity from this monster called FM. Take care to all my fm community friends.
maggiethedoglover responded:
Hi Beth,

It's just as well you missed the original discussion as it kind of got out of hand and feelings were hurt.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. My son is grown and I am now retired at age 66 so I don't have young children to worry about.

You are right about each of us having to do whatever it is we have to do to beat this dragon. We just cannot give in to the pain, fatique and depression of FM. Lyrica and Tramadol are my mainstays with Lexapro for depression and several others as I need them, including Hydrocodone for flares.

Soft hugs,

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire

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