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The effects of sleep deprivation?!
talkfibro9 posted:
Dr. P....
At what point do we go to the hospital and get 'put out' to sleep? when we have hallucinations??? and what drugs would they use for this? How common are withdrawal symptoms from long term use of zopiclone??? If it is not working, is it safe to stop taking it???? I have read that you should use Valium while weaning off. Nothing helps me sleep, not anti-depressants, not benzodiazepines. Already taking high doses of gaba (natural product) 2400 mg a day and 1600 mg of magnesium't know what to do..
Anon_2912 responded:
When you find out let me know....I suffer from insomnia pretty bad...I only get about 2 hrs of sleep during the night.

My sleep doctor pretty much told me my wires in my brain got crossed up when I had thyroid storms, at least that is his theory....I guess it could be true, my brain will NOT shut down for any reason, my body is always dragging, but NOT my brain....

I have dealt with this for over 16yrs so pretty used to it. I can't nap, still work 40 hours a week, and I know some of my muscle/bone pain could be from lack of quality sleep, but not much else for me to do. I do take 20mg of Ambien, but only once a month, if I do it more than that, it won't work on me at all.....

I can't sleep perioid, but like I said, pretty much used to it. The sleep doctor tried everything, even CBT, but to no avail my brain won't relax....
talkfibro9 replied to Anon_2912's response:
Wow, that is my brain also. Tried neurofeedback, but at least have the proof that my beta brain waves are tooo high. I don't function very well tho.......get dizzy and very short tempered. I can meditate or try all day and stilll no sleep....walk in the mall, all day and still no sleep (just more pain). It makes me feel crazy that my brain won't stop.
CLKWC1964 replied to Anon_2912's response:
I agree when you don't get good quality sleep your whole body is out of whack and just does not feel well. This is a really hard one. I seem to find a balance every so often that helps me sleep then something happens and messes it up and I am right back to sleep deprivation once again. Hope you get some good feedback cause we all could use some good quality sleep. Cat :0)

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