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GinaArieta posted:

I'm a new member of the group. I think that this will be a good experience for me. I am 55 years old. I had fibro from 29 to about 35. Then it went away. My current bout started in 1994, and is always active. I have a question. I finally started walking a few months ago. It has improved my mood a lot, but hasn't helped the pain. I currently have some very active sites. I have knee pain on the sides, pain below my hips, and gluteus maximus pain on both sides. After I walk, these areas hurt much worse. If I take a day off from walking, I have no pain in those areas. Are there any ideas that you may have? I don't want to quit walking.
talkfibro9 responded:
Try walking less at one time or Instead of walking once a day, walk less distance but walk twice a day with rest and stretching in between. Good Luck
xperky responded:
Those walking pains are worth it to have the improved mood! Good for you. I too, pay the pain price for activity, but my trusty Tramadol kicks in and I know I can get relief. That and a muscle relaxer at bedtime for the worst pains, keeps me active. Otherwise I'd be out of action for a few days after one day of activity.

Welcome here. Sorry your FM came back. I bet you thought it was gone for good.

Life is wonderful when lived with love and compassion, Margaret
annette030 replied to xperky's response:
I take my pain meds about an hour before exercise or yard work. That and my hot tub keep me going.

Take care, Annette

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