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Right Type of Massage
amyjom posted:
I have gone several times for a swedish massage. I have been thinking that a different type might be more beneficial. I have been contemplating hot stone or deep tissue but concerned that may too painful. Anyone have any suggestions??

Most of my pain is in my upper shoulders and neck.

Thanks in advance.
Wolfsong452 responded:
I have had swedish massage, also the hot stone massage. I also had a deep tissue massage in problem areas, before I was I had FM.

NONE of these helped me at all.

my girlfriend is a massage therapist, she knew that I'd always had a problem with being touch, so, she was extra careful.

oh well,

The only one who enjoyed any of the massages, was my darn boyfriend.

Of course!
cj0611 responded:
I have had both and find that deep tissue may feel alright at the time but the day after I feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck! Way too deep...feel bruised and sorer than before. Swedish massage works best if I just ask them to go a little deeper but not "dig into the areas where they feel knots". It was hard for me to speak up and learn to tell them exactly what I wanted at first but found that is the only way to get a massage that really helps me. My pain too is upper shoulders and neck and upper back. Now I ask for 1/2 the time to be spent on this problem area and the other a total body. Also finding a therapist that specializes in Fibro helps. Hope you find the right makes all the difference.
spiderslayer responded:
I have been told only very gentle massage. Deep tissue can cause even more of the knots of nerve tissue that cause pain.
gentle hugs
Kinkatia responded:
A friend of mine who is a massage therapist and also suffers from fibromyalgia says that anyone who knows anything about fibromyalgia would never do a deep tissue massage on someone who suffers from it. I think she mentioned something about lymph drainage being good, but I'm not sure.

My advice is to find a massage therapist familiar with fibromyalgia and talk to them. In my experience most of them are and are very willing to work with you to find what helps and avoid what makes your pain worse.

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