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fibro fog
sweetpatches posted:
i was wondering if anyone is familliar with silent seizures?
i have had my social worker friend , therapist, and 2 nurses tell me that when they ran my eeg for my migraines , that i needed to tell them to plz. check for silent seizures because i definately show signs of having them . they say , sometimes i catch myself, that i will repeat the same sentence a couple of times , i look like im not evn there when i do this , they say my eyes get glazed over and just looks like im in outer space. or i will completely and sudenly just go blank and quit talking , but try to go back to where i was in the conversation and completely forget the whole conversation.
i have done this most of my life and have been the ass end of all my family's joke and well, basiclly the only stupid kid my mom ever had.
well,anyway , sorry to go on and on ,but im really just trying to understand all of this - i thought that i was doing this due to my hearing, but now it just makes no sense .
are these what yall are talking about when you say fibro fog? and if so how do you get through that and just be normal and be able to control your part of the conversation?
Kinkatia responded:
That doesn't sound like fibro fog to me. Well, maybe when I'm also sleep-deprived to the point of cognitive dysfunction, but I wouldn't say what you're experiencing is typical fogginess. I get forgetful and less alert, find it harder to think, and sometimes I blank out but that's usually to do with memory issues. Fibro fog canIt literally feels like there's a fog in my brain and my neurons are having to slow down because of it.

I'd say it'd be worth it to get checked for silent seizures. If there's something else going on, you need to identify it in order to learn to manage it.

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