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Band of pain
tnkarensc posted:
Woke up from short nap and as I sat up I had severe pain - like a band of pain from ribs, around the back and just below breasts. I have had fibromyalgia for several years but have not experienced this type of pain before. It has been ongoing for about 3 hours now. Is this just another level of the fibro or should I be looking at something else going on?
cj0611 responded:
I get this type of pain often and it does usually respond to Advil or Tramadol but if it's not easing up or you are feeling something similar to chest pain, numbness, dizziness, short of breath, etc....probably should get it checked out. Could you have slept wrong and it is muscle pain and tension? That's the thing that makes me soooo crazy...when do we worry and when do we chalk it all up to fibro? There's pain someplace all the time so it is never ending. Hope you feel better...keep me posted on how you are doing.
Kinkatia responded:
I get pain along the bottom of my rib cage, but it's usually only severe in short bouts. It was one of my symptoms when I got diagnosed, though, and apparently that's normal pain for me. But if you're getting new pain, it should be checked out, just in case. Anything new could be a sign of something else that needs attention, after all.
tnkarensc replied to cj0611's response:
Thank you for responding. I have had pain in my ribs before (which is probably the worst place to have the pain). I did take aan ultram and after a while the pain began to ease up - except the ribs, but they are not as bad. I have a doctor's appointment next week and will talk to him about it.

I have had fibro for 7 years, but I also have RSD (reflexive sympathic nerve disorder). I have had the RSD for 9 years. Between the 2 I would probably have a heart attack if I had a day without pain.

Again, thank you for your response. It's always good to have someone understand how sudden a different pain can happen.
tnkarensc replied to Kinkatia's response:
I have had the rib pain on one side before and as you said, is usually short-lived. After taking an ulram and using the heating pad I began to get some relief. By bedtime the pain had subside, except for the ribs. They are still hurting today, but not like yesterday. I have actually noticed several changes with where the pain has moved to and the severity of the pain. I was diagnosed with fibro for 7 years. I also have RSD (reflexive sympathic nerve disorder.

I see my doctor next week and hope he can help me in some way.

Thank you so much for your response. It means a lot to know that there are those who understand the pain and the weirdness of this disease.
1wareaglefan responded:
I had like a band of pain a year ago. It started in my lower back, then wrapped around my hip and to stomach. It turned out to be shingles! It felt different than regular fibro pain, and after a few days, my skin in that area started to hurt, followed by the bumps.

If it continues to hurt and feels strange, I'd get it checked out.

Take care.....Elizabeth

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