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Fibromyalgia Posters?
Kinkatia posted:
I've just moved into my dorm room for the year, and so of course it's time to start decorating the door. I really want to make my door decoration reflect things that are important to me.

And so I'd like to put up something about fibromyalgia. Preferably something inspirational or good for a laugh. Also preferably something I can print out off the internet, but if I like a poster or something enough, I'll splurge and buy it. Thus far my google fu has been failing me in finding something i like, however.

So does anyone have any favorite fibromyalgia posters (or something similar) you think I should look at?
emkay912 responded:
Hi, Kinkatia,
Try this link for a discussion on Symbols for FM... it might give you some ideas.

Also, you might search the web for "Invisible Illness" — they have some interesting stuff.

Good luck at college! Mary
Booch007 responded:
For me I would put up a poster of a dragon and use it as a dart board......(but I know you can't be darting the wooden door, you will be in trouble!)

I have a stained glass butterfly in lavenders and purples that I see in the morning. ? just a thought. Nancy B

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