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Earthquake center about 40 miles from us!
xperky posted:
Wow, that was scarey! We live SW of Richmond, VA, about 40 miles from Goochland. The quake really shook us for about a minute. It seemed like an eternity.

The kitties hid under the bed. My hubby and I did sort of panic and I just grabbed my glasses and stood there looking around at the house shake. Silly me. I kept saying we have to get downstairs!

Now we will check the house for any leaks, brick cracks, etc. I think we will sit here waiting to calm down - and for a possible aftershock.

Who else felt it? Where were you and how did it feel?

Life is wonderful when lived with love and compassion,
cartwrightmom responded:
Glad to hear you and your husband are ok! We did not feel the quake here...we are in WI.
missshortyd responded:
I'm in Philadelphia and we felt it for about 30 secs.First time I ever felt one.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Having been through a few of these, I know how disorienting they can be.

I'm glad you're all okay.
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xperky responded:
EEKS...Just felt an aftershock. 4.5 and it shook the house again. I could hear it coming...a low rumble from the NW. Spooky.

Here goes my adrenaline again. Think I'll be sleeping tonight? LOL.

I guess you folks in California are chuckling at how excited we get here in the East. We just have no clue about these things!

Life is wonderful when lived with love and compassion, Margaret
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi Margaret, Linda R here and being org. from the Los Angeles, Ca area, I know how scary an Earthquake can be. And also the damage from them. Be sure to double check for cracks even above the first floor. You'd be surprised just how many cracks are caused from the 'rumble' / shaking upwards on the frame of a house or building.

The five pointer that hit your area is most likely the biggest one and any others will be smaller and shorter. If your near a door way the next time another one hits please stay in the door frame.. don't go down stairs! Don't rush outside either, stay put until it ends.

And I'm in TN and we didn't feel a thing and there were no reports of anyone in the area having any damage. Having said that, what we do have here and I have been weary about it, is the fact that the New Madrin fault line, runs from New Orleans to St. Louis, is predicted to be the next big fault in the US to 'shake'. The last quake on it was powerful enough to change the course of the Mississippi River from flowing down to up. Uikes and just when I thought I'd put all my Earthquake shaking fears away now that I'm living away from the San Andreas. :(

Soft hugs going out your way..
Linda R.
fibroinsd responded: in California...and having been through a couple of small earthquakes...I know how scary these things glad things there are basically ok...

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