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Fibro in Fingers?
glad2bhere65 posted:
Hi, I was practicing playing the keyboard last night and I hadn't practiced in a long time because of my fingers being weak and going numb. But now my fingers are aching so bad I can hardly type. Does fibro affect anyone else's fingers? I'm really frustrated now!

lameratorres responded:
Well I have been going through some major hand pain and tingling and numbness in my fingers and hands. I just went through a very painful EMG/NCS. Turned out I don't have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I really would like to get to the bottom of my hand pain. I have been wondering if the pain in my hands/fingers could be fibro but thought it was unlikely because my dr has never mentioned it. She diagnosed me with fibro last year. I recently quit my job because I can't take the pain in my hands and I worked at a computer. She is on maternity leave right now so I am not sure if I should have gone to such an extreme but I did give a 4 week notice to give me time to soak it in. I don't regret it, but would like to get to the bottom oft his hand pain.
tnewsome31 replied to lameratorres's response:
I too just went through the whole EMG/NCS, for the second time...the first time they found Carpal Tunnel and this time, no changes or anything new and they did an MRI on my neck and back and just diagnosed me with Degenerative Arthritis (Osteoarthritis) in my spine...along with the Fibro and all the other medical issues I have and they still are not sure what all is causing all the pain I am having! They said the Carpal Tunnel isn't any worse than it was before and not sure if all the pain in my hands and fingers is caused by the Carpal Tunnel or a combo...I really hope they can get to the bottom of your situation and give you a diagnosis and get you feeling a little better anyways! Good luck and soft hugs!!
Dollbug replied to tnewsome31's response:
Hello Ladies.....MiMi in NC...I wanted to share my personal experience with you all.....I worked for a loan servicing company for over 14 years and also did a lot of computer work....I started having wrist/hand issues with my right hand...and the doctors treated me with different medicines and I also went to therapy....but I kept working....I finally ended up and had my first right hand carpal tunnel surgery in July did help some...but I also had other health issues...

I continued to work until I got laid off in December 2005...
I have since had 3 surgeries on each hand...and I will be honest with you on what I now think...I think that working on the computer affected both hands/wrists and arms....I also have had cervial (disc) surgery...and parathyroid surgery and elbow surgery....I went downhill when my problems first started...

I can also tell you that I am so much better than when I first got sick.....and after all of my main health issues were addressed....but it sure did take a long time for me to get where I am now...

I will also tell you that my doctor was treating me for depression....that was all...and I continued to get worse as time went on....I knew that there was something really very wrong with I was NOT in pain all of the time for NO REASON...but I was beginning to think this way after a while...

I think a lot of us FMers have multiple health issues...and that when there is so much to have to deal with...that the doctors do not even think that we are sick....and I will also tell you this much....I had to "TAKE CONTROL" of my health issues...before my doctor took me seriously....I had to get really "ugly" with him about my health....

But I will also tell you this....I am still one of his many patients...and when I now make an appointment to see him...he takes care of whatever "health issues" I have...he takes my word...that something is going on with me...

I know that being a doctor must be a very hard job for a lot of people...and I would imagine that it is harder for a male doctor to know how to treat us women...but I will also tell you this...I think that "we women" know when something is NOT RIGHT...with us...and we need to make sure that the doctors understand us...

No doubt in my mind...that had I not taken control of my health issues....I would NOT be here today...and this I am very serious speaking about this...I think I could have/would have died....

I would also encourage all of you FMers...who have NOT talked to your doctor about the Vitamin D please do so on your next visit...I can NOT stress this enough...

When I first started talking about Vitamin D on this board...I know that a lot of people felt like I was the crazy lady...always talking about Vitamin D...but it is so very important for a lot of people these days...

My daughter and I was just talking about this last week...this is the first time in a very long time...that she has been able to get a tan...and she feels so much better...she has lost a lot of weight and she thinks that it was due to her Vitamin D level being a 2....she had gained a lot of weight and did not understand why she could NOT lose any of it...she was working out most every day...and watching what she ate also...she could not lose any at all...but since she started taking the Vitamin D...she has lost a lot of it...

I know that you did not ask for my opinion on some of this...but I had a need to sometimes offer it....

I hope that each of you will find something that will help you cope better...

Take care and good luck...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
lkn3342 responded:
Yes! I am so glag you said that. I am a teacher. I always have pain radiating from my elbows down to my fingertips. I can't hold anything in my hands at all Even small items case me a problem because I have trouble grasping and making a fist.
Booch007 responded:
Good morning,

I also have had hand involvement for a long time. You can laugh over the things I was told and the splints made to help me.

My doctors (teh right fit) now KNOW why...It is coming from the muscles just in front of the arm pits and the ones to the back There is an impingement to the nerve branches there. I receive triggerpoint injections to that area and it quiets down the problems so well.

In the book FM and myofascail pain , a survival manual by Dr Devin Starlanyl it discusses this. I have to say it was the first symptoms I had....As the thumb is a forearm trigger point that I myself can fix now.

In the past, I was told I lost the fat pads to the elbows and that was why, I was told I needed to have the nerves moved with surgery (I didn't do), I had carpal tunnel splints used and then ones made that made me look like frankenstein....with arms straight all night (coulda killed my hub if I turned wrong! geez....

When I met the neurology group (myofascial subspecialty) I have seen for 8 years now, she knew right away why I had my symptoms and just injected me there. So much better. EMG's were always negative. Who woulda thought it was from so high in the arm.

I also had significant breast pains (thought fungal infection?) I couldn't wear a bra...not to be too graphic but the nipples were so tender.....well I went to OB/ answers...

Wa La, the dragon, I happened to mention it to neurology and she knew*..It was the upper chest wall above the breast had trigger points in there..injected and fixed. I was amazed. I never hold back a symptom now as I have to be sure it is the *dragon first and then look into other diagnoses. he is a tricky devil.

As in it may not be him, but it IS carpal tunnel....and you need and EMG done. Splints and B6........We are always dodging bullets and trying to figure ourselves out.

You might have seen my vision issues I am is a tough thing still. I found my trigger points in the cheeks myself last night, and I know we will inject them on Friday....but why the heck are they traveling, going anywhere..and some have passed to not return and others linger no matter what.

It is the strangest disease you can have, eachday a different issue or feeling is presented. No wonder people think we are out of our heads...

Just a note though, for us a repetative motion is a no maybe less time on the keyboard will be better in the future. I can still crochet but it is a trigger and I can only push so many lines before I have issues. P A C E is tha mantra we are supposed to learn. . Good luck in feeling better. Maybe check out that book, it has so much in it. Take care, Nancy B
lameratorres replied to Booch007's response:
I also have doen the Vitamin D regimen and I did feel better for a little bit. Not sure if my levels are down from 3 months ago? When I first had my Vit D level drawn I was at a 9. 3 months ago I was at a 31. Which is barely not deficient. I have had a lot of morning stiffness and the hand pain starts so early in the am! I was told I possibly have tendonitis in my hands so I am on Naproxen for the next week to see if it helps. Then we will discuss which way to go from there. If my symptoms are not resolved then we will probably go to Neurology.

Is this the right way to go?

Do the splints help anyone?

For me it seems touch and go. Sometimes they help and sometimes they don't. I am at least relieved that others ahve these symptoms and hopefully will find someway to manage them soon. Thanks to Booch007 & Dollbug for telling your stories.
glad2bhere65 replied to Booch007's response:
Thanks, Nancy, for the reminder to pace ourselves. I think next time the practice session will be shorter, if I get up the nerve to even try to play the keyboard again. My hands are getting better after resting them more.

What's so sad about FM is all the limitations we have!!!

lameratorres replied to glad2bhere65's response:
I am really just recently being affected day to day with more and more things I find myself unable to do! I don't wash dishes, my hand cramp up like a writers cramp. I vaccummed and mopped my floors last night and had back spasms most of the night and today I feel so stiff. I have a 20lb 10 month old and lifting him up out of his crib sends a funny bone sensation through my hand wrist up! I am glad2bhere65 that you said "What's so sad" because this is sad. It's a sad syndrome and I am glad that some one else is ok with it being sad. I love that everyone is trying to keep it positive and it has helped to lift my spirit. But the reality is IT IS SAD!

fitzgift responded:
yes I have fibro fingers but I do simple exercise with fingers to stretch the muscles there / put them together then press in on them ,I have a thumb problem and found using a rubber band on thumb and each finger then stretch helps. At first it doesn't seem like it is helping but after awhile you will notice the fingers are better. fitzgift
fibromate4 responded:
Yes, I was diagnosed in 2007. Yes, I do have severe pain in fingers at the bones of each fingers and wrists, and palms of hands as well. Someday's more than others depending on several factors: weather, how cold the room is and I am sure other factors may influence as well. Besides the medication, if you place your hands in a warm towel out of the dryer helps a little as well. I get pain all over hips, shoulders, knees, back, neck, shooting pain in hands and legs, everywhere basically and extreme burning pain in the bottom of my feet. I use a warm towel for those areas as well besides all the rest of the medication I use.
The cold weather or dampness/rain will make the pain elevate.
The warm towel helps my 11year old son whom suffers from leg pain and severe migraine headaches as well. I hope this at least helps alleviate the pain a bit!
Good luck!
wildyard replied to Booch007's response:
I'd love to know how you found your doctors that have such a good understanding of your fibro. What methods of searching did you use and what kind of facilities did you contact? I need a doctor to be in charge of mine but don't know where to begin looking.
I have my Family Practice doc, and I go to a Pain Management Clinic for my trigger point injections and medications. I've seen a surgeon for my shoulder and had surgery because of arthritic complications. Am going to be seeing a knee doctor for arthritic problems there. I have a GI doctor for the IBS and reflux. And I have a respiratory doctor for my sleep apnea.
I just feel like I am seeing so many doctors and with the fibrofog, I have a hard time keeping track of everything going on with me. Plus, the Pain Clinic is under my Worker's Comp so they can only inject/treat the areas that fall under my work injury, so other areas are left without TP injections. It is so confusing to me in the fog, but I think I have to make some non-comp appointments too. I have those breast symptoms you mentioned as well as a great deal of pain at the sides of my breasts on the rib walls. But that is only if I touch there. I can't feel any actual trigger points in that area.
The pain clinic knows about trigger points and the injections do help, but I don't get the feeling they know about FM that much.
I don't feel like anyone is really in charge, even tho I know that is supposed to be me. Much of the time, I don't feel clear headed enough to be capable of it.
wildyard replied to wildyard's response:
I just wanted to add, I only take 2-5 pain pills a week and use alternative therapies to manage my pain, so my fog is not about the meds. I didn't want y'all to think I sit around in a drugged up condition. LOL
crazydoxymama responded:
Linda, Thank you so much for this. I have so much pain in my fingers sometime that it makes me want to cry and I'm a single mother of two boys, believe me it takes a l-o-t to make me want to cry! Until I read your entry, I had been blaming the pain on getting older. The pain in my fingers goes up into the upper side of my forearm and my thumb sometimes feels as though it's got all of the nerves on the outside instead of the inside. I have had such severe pain in my wrists that I had to wear a sling. I don't play the piano, unfortunately, but I do paint, sketch, crochet, knit and cross-stitch all of which takes very controlled use of your fingers and wrists. Frustration is the most bearable of the emotions I feel when my fingers go weak and ache like a toothache. Believe me you are not alone but I just wonder how many people like me don't realize that this could be from the FM? You don't know how much help this is to know that this "sign of aging" might be from my 30 year old health nemesis. I have FM in all of the trigger points that my doctor can find. (I think there are 22?) One of the most debilitating is the pain in my fingers and wrists. Like you, after I have typed or done hand-work, the pain is excruciating! Thanks for this entry. At least now I know what is going on in my hands and I can address it as I have been forced to address the other pain symptoms of FM, with faith in God and if not acceptance then understanding.
rudyandirmouse responded:
Linda, Linda R here and YES there are days when I just can't get my sore and burning fingers to work. =( I find that if I use my hands and fingers for pulling things up, yard work, or tugging things that the next day there are as sore as can be and just tired and feel heavy on my hands So, your NOT ALONE.. It happens.

<<< soft hugs >>> going out to you.
Linda R.

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