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pinkplatypus posted:

I was driving to work this morning and this phrase kept running through my mind. Although newly diagnosed I have been sick for years - I guess pretty much was just plugging along until 1. someone believed me 2. I had enough sore points to diagnose the FM.

Many years ago I was teachning a Franklin Covey based time management class to my managers and in a video people said many inspiring things but the one that has always stuck was "I have cancer but cancer does not have me". At this point I was already a cancer survivor so I have hung onto this - I think it fits perfect with FM or anything else. We start to identify ourselves so much as the disease or syndrome we have.

So this phrase kept going this morning

I am tired but I AM OK
I have pain but I AM OK
My toilet needs clean but I AM OK
I have past due bills but I AM OK
I had cancer but I AM OK
I had a GI bleed but I AM OK
I had a hemorrhage & emergency surgery but I AM OK
I survived crazy men but I AM OK
I.....I AM OK

My body may be going through a lot of stuff - I see it as sort of a rollercoaster - I have to just hang on and not fight the symptoms (but fight for relief of the syndrome). At the center of my soul no matter what my body is going through I AM OK.

I have felt broken for so many years - honestly since I was 19 and raped but on the way to work this morning that phrase kept going through my mind - and I felt it through my whole body eventhough I hurt and things are all wacked out - I really am OK.

The sticky notes are working

I have sticking notes on my bedroom door and my mirror with affirmations on them - they always work so well. They just start to blend into the background but the mind still sees them and takes them as truth.

Be Well,
KatmanduLou responded:
Hi Missy -
Welcome to our group. I hope you make friends here, and we are as helpful as you need us to be.

I'm sorry about the awful things in your life, but you are obviously a strong woman with a good support system. I'm glad YOU ARE OK!

I have one affirmation I keep in my PDA, and I move it around when I come across it, just to remind myself that:
I can do anything,
But I can't do everything.
~ Anonymous

I found this *somewhere* on the web, and I believe it. Have the best day you can have,
Dollbug responded:
Hello Missie.....and thanks for sharing this with have a very good outlook on life..... and whatever you have been forced to deal with in life seems to have made you a stronger person.....there are a lot of us FMers who have more questions than answers...most of us will ever know why....perhaps it is better that we do not know some of the answers...

I also had a very bad childhood....bur from my own experience I learned that I would never allow my own children (should I have any) to have the same childhood that I had.....GOD blessed me with 3 wonderful children and for the most part....they had a good childhood.....nothing remotely close to what I had....I also have been blessed in so many other ways where I have learned so much more about things that a lot of people are not exposed to....

I continue to think that ther is a reason for everything that happens....a lesson to learn and perhaps share with others....

I have certainly not have an easy life....and I sometimes think it has been anything except a normal life....but I can say that it has certainly been quite a **LLL - (Life learned lesson) for the most part....and I do think that it is good that I did not know in advance what could have, would have or should have I might have taken a different road down the path that was meant to be....

Thanks again.....I am sure that you have been blessed in a special way.....


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
Anon_2912 responded:
My motto: IT IS WHAT IT IS...MOVE ON..

I know there are worse people than myself, so I won't complain, just do what I need to do to control my aliments & live life.
annette030 replied to Anon_2912's response:
Well said!!

Take care, Annette

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