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Fibro, Lupus & Parkinson
An_240428 posted:
I finally found out after years of pain and many doctors, that I have Fibro. I have had 20" of my colon removed because of Diverticulitis, I have IBS and I'm bi-polar. I have 2 brother's, one passed away because of Lupus and the other has Parkinson Disease.

My question is why myself and my siblings have an autoimmune disease? Was it inherited from our parents? Besides my father passing with lung cancer neither had any illness.
Anon_43491 responded:
I think it's a genetic issue. My mother, 1aunt, my daughter and myself all have fibro. How could that be if not?
fibrosux responded:
My specialist told me that Fibro is something that can be inherited. Both my daughters have it and I think an Aunt. There is probably more but it wasn't a common diagnosis back then.
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi Linda R here and I really believe that in 9 out the 10 of us who have fibro that we got it because we inherited it from our mother or her mother or her mother.

I didn't know my mother's mother but I know my mother had symptoms such as I have but no fibro DX. My sister and my middle daughter have medical issues that resemble fibro as well but no fibro DX But I believe they have it and I believe it comes down to us from our moms or their side of the family.

I can't speak to the question of autoimmune since I don't have that but I'd think that there might be some kind of predisposition to that as my niece has that but not fibro.. dunno.
Soft hugs going out to you today.
Linda R.
ne1cwhatic responded:
believe that parasites have alot to do with fibromyalgia, some have capabilities of repressing our immune system. So, maybe not genetically passed on, but passed on from living in the same household, sharing food, cups, etc. I was originally diagnosed with auto=immune disease; personally, i think that 'autoimmune' is just a way of saying 'we don't know what is causing this so lets just treat the symptoms'.
gridly1 replied to ne1cwhatic's response:
These are some known parasitic protazoa that cause: Parasitic Infections
Introduction · Amebiasis · Amebic Infections Due to Free-Living Amebas · Ascariasis · Babesiosis · Cryptosporidiosis · Dracunculiasis · Giardiasis · Hookworm Infection · Leishmaniasis · Malaria · Microsporidiosis · Onchocerciasis · Pinworm Infection · Schistosomiasis · Tapeworm Infection · Toxocariasis ·Toxoplasmosis· Trichinosis · Whipworm Infection
Mine was Toxoplasmosis· Trichinosis
I used Flagyl to help kill the Protazoa It helped a great deal!

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