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    TGIF**ROLL CALL****New Members too 10/7/2011 ****
    Dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily.....MiMi in NC....TGIF....and today is going to be a better day than yesterday....(I hope)....I had my 2nd day of therapy yesterday....and the therapist said that I really had a lot of hardware in my wrist....and he did NOT want to push it beyond the limit....which I am find he just massaged it and worked with stretching it....I came home and OMG....I was in it was time to take my Tylenol...I tried to rest some...but it was not easy....I do not know if he struck a nerve or what....but boy did I feel the pain....

    So I did sleep ok last night...but woke up too darn early this morning....(5 am)....and I am NOT a morning it is going to be a longggg day for me...I will probably need a nap later on....

    It is Roll Call and I hope everyone will post members also...and those of you who are just lurking here....come on down and introduce yourself to your FMily.....we want to know more about you....I often wonder just how many people are on this site....perhaps just not posting...

    Welcome to all new members.....whether you have joined us or not....this is a unique FM support group....a good group of people who share "tools and tips" that we have found to help us cope better....dealing with the wrath of the dragon is a way of life with us....and we want to find better ways to we share what we have found that has helped us....there are no overnight or quick fixes that I have does take time and effort to find something that helps....and you should allow at least 6-8 weeks of whatever you decide to try....(unless, of course, what you are doing is making you sicker than you are)
    we are all different and what works for one may or may not work for another....

    Vitamin D *** so important for a lot of people these be sure and ask you doctor to check this...low Vitamin D can cause some of us additional pain....and it can also affect other illnesses as your own research on it...and all sorts of information is available on this....

    Here is hoping everyone will have a great week-end....and I hope each of you will have lots of sunshine....natural Vitamin D is so good for all of get out and enjoy the sunshine....

    There are all sorts of strange things going on around the world...and so many that I can not understand....weird things, odd things, ugly things....and this list goes on and do something nice, good, different....reach out and try to make a difference....every little bit helps....and you will feel better for doing this also....

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it....


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    missshortyd responded:
    Morning MiMi & FMily
    Yes I am guilty, I lurk more than I post. Up early and already at work. Everyone have a good and pain free day. Also please say a prayer for me to stay smoke free 31 days and counting Ya!!
    Dollbug replied to missshortyd's response:
    Hello.....and good for you.....31 days and counting.....I hope that this continues for will be so glad soon....and you will feel better husband is a cancer survivor....(never smoked)....and my older son smokes...(not around us though)....and my younger son
    chews tobacco....(nasty habit) daughter does not have a bad habit (that I know about anyway)....

    I am glad that you posted this morning....and I hope you have a good week-end....and continue your success of being smoke free....hang in there....

    Take care...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    LadyoftheDesert58 responded:
    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this group as of this morning.
    I'm looking forward to the exchanges and info being shared.
    I posted a question and hope Dr. P or another medical will help me with it. I'm not sure I did it right.
    I have Chronic Pain. When I told my doctor that I wanted to be checked for fibro because I am experiencing pain, fatigue, etc. she said that she was already treating me for Chronic Pain and that she would change nothing in treating me with Fibro. Does this sound right? Should I make a bigger issue of it? I am taking Vicodin, Diflocenac, and Gaba.
    I had no idea the Gaba was addictive. I can't understand why she didn't tell me that. I'm also wondering why some people have decided to get off of it. Should I be worried about taking it?
    Thanks for any opinions on this!
    glad2bhere65 replied to missshortyd's response:
    Yayyy! That is great! I have a friend who has tried to quit smoking so many times, and it's so great to hear of your success!

    glad2bhere65 replied to LadyoftheDesert58's response:
    Hi, I didn't know gabapentin was addictive either unless I missed a dose one day and had extreme withdrawal symptoms. I think before I get my prescription filled again, I might ask my doc to reduce the strength of the capsules if there is anything less than the 300 mg capsules so I can wean off of them. Anybody know how low they make the capsules?

    Also, I have developed a general mistrust of doctors and drug companies in general, though I still like and appreciate my own doctor. I think she is trying to do what's best for me, but I also think at times doctors in general push too many drugs, pardon the expression, lol, on us without giving us all the facts.

    I pray that you and everyone here will have a good day today.


    KatmanduLou responded:
    Hi Evetryone!
    Cold here today - just 50 degrees right now, and it's not even 10am. We're supposed to have high 70s to low 80s over the weekend. Gotta love New England weather!

    MiMi - I don't know what they told you, but I find ice helps me more than heat after I've done PT. I ice after seeing the chiro. Your injury was pretty severe, so please don't try to rush through!

    misshortyd - stay focused on staying smoke free. Good for you!

    Welcome newcomers, we're always glad you stopped by. Ask a question, offer an opinion, give an answer - we're here for each other.

    Does anyone else have Monday (Columbus Day) off? Have the best l-o-n-g weekend you can have!
    rudyandirmouse replied to glad2bhere65's response:
    Hi Linda, Linda R here and I just stopped taking Gabapentin because I just got tired of the way it made me feel. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT BEING ADDICTIVE THOUGH.

    I don't think it's wise to take gabapentin and try to down size the dose yourself 300 is as low as it goes.

    I just saw my Rheumy/ fibro RN yesterday and we talked about Gabapentin and how I just hated to take script(s) medication.

    I had been taking 300 for over a year and then my Rheumy bumped me up to 600 2 XS a day, I did that for 6 months and said ENOUGH.

    I began to drop down the dose from the 600 2 times a day back to 300 for a few days then went to 300 at night and then stopped.

    Yesterday my RN said I could use the 300 just at night as it's really good at helping one sleep. NOPE I'm done.

    And I too have a mild distrust 4 doctors overall. I know most of them use us to make money by scripting medications we may not really need to take, I saw this cause it happened to me many times and I made a point of pointing it out to those doctors each time it happened.

    And having said that we each must be in control of our own health. No One Knows Us Better Than We Know Ourselves.. so we have to watch dog what are given and how we are treated and move from there.

    What part of the USA R U from? How long have U been DX'd with Fibermyalgia? How long have U been on Gabapentin?

    Have a great day,
    Linda R.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Friday to all. I hope, as I always do, that this post finds each of you in a good place where you have little to no fibro pain or issues and NO Stress going on.

    MiMi, your therapy guy sounds like he's really good. It does take time esp if you have pins in. Took my knee 9 months and I was @ the hospital 3 days a week working to get it better. So I know with each day it gets better and in just no time at all you'll see how far it's come.
    And sorry that you were up early again. I so know how that feels. Maybe a short nap this afternoon will help.

    Meet the new fibro RN yesterday. She's a love. About 55 I think and has been dealing with fibro for over 2 years and studying to treat it over a year and a half. She said stopping Gabapentin wasn't any big deal and understands many don't don't like to take it.

    She noticed that I had tried several other things 4 my fibro symptoms that didn't work as well at Gabapentin over the years and said I could always restart Gabapentin if the burning gets to be bad in the coming months and can, by all means stop taking it again in the spring. My old pattern of use.. I like her!!

    I go back in next week to get my blood work drawn to check my D level but everything looked good. She said I look very happy and was energetic. LOL I told her she should see me around January or Feb I'm a fibro mess. So that was it. Bi yearly check up done. I was out the door with more Voltaren Gel. Will see her again in March of '12.

    Oh, she said that my D level last time was 37 and that anything from 30 to 60 was perfect.. and that 30 to between 40 R the #'s they aim for. She said going over 40 doesn't give any extra/ show any added benefit... so lets hope my D is 30 plus again.

    A Big Hello to Roll Call's other regular ladies who post here daily. I do hope you have good weather and that you each can get what ever it is you want to get done today, done.

    Today's weather is picture perfect, again. I'm all smiles.

    I am starting to take more C now that it's Fall and plan to get my flu shot Sunday. I got my weekly allergy shot yesterday and for what ever reason I had a bad reaction to it.. and they cut my dose in half cause the full shot bothered me last time .. Go figure.

    And as for me and my day, it's over to the hospital to walk. DH and I went yesterday and made a metal route. It's 1/2 a mile each way.. from the car back to the car.. so if I do it 2 times around that should be good 4 2 miles. . I'll let you know how it goes.

    Let me shout out a warm Welcome nd Hello to our newest members. I am so glad you found your way to this site. It's a really good place to be. Lots of information that helps you deal with fibro and it's many conditions. And here, unlike anywhere else, everyone understands just what you mean when you talk about how you feel and how fibro makes you feel.

    So please make yourself at home with us Get to know us by posting or replying to a post you may want to add a bit of information on or start your own discussion.

    I will stop this post here with warm wishes to all for a good day..
    Linda R.
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi!
    Checking in early---I'm done with work for the day and will be cleaning my own garden this afternoon. We've had widespread frost for two nights now, and most of the plants are done. I think my garden would have done better if we didn't have so much rain! We are 20 inches above normal for the year.

    I was working this morning, and I saw a blue heron come sailing into the yard. It landed right atop the client's backyard fountain and just sat there. It was really something to see! He was the same color as the fountain stones, and he looked like he was part of it. He flew away when I got too close, though. But he was beautiful.

    Got news that Grandma is really declining. She is refusing her meds, is barely eating or drinking, and her kidneys are starting to fail. It is hard to be on the sidelines and watch her son dealing with the doctors, etc. He has not spoken to her about her wishes, and doesn't seem to "get" that she's terminal. Instead he spends most of his time trying to convince her to eat, drink and take her meds; and he is talking to the doctor about an IV line and a feeding tube, OMG. Hasn't she been through enough? I could just cry, not that it does any good. Things are what they are, unfortunately!

    On a lighter note: Mimi, I have a question, so I hope you see this...I've been taking the 1,000mgs of Vitamin D for a couple of weeks now, and I've noticed I'm sleeping better. I was not expecting that (not that I'm complaining!). I have been dreaming every night for several nights, and I can't remember the last time I did that. Did you notice improved sleep when you got on the D?

    As an added bonus, I also realized I am NOT feeling depressed this fall for the first time in memory. Usually as soon as the days shorten, I get weepy, cranky and sluggish. This year it hasn't happened, and I am amazed. I didn't think boosting my D levels would do that either, but I'm thrilled. I thought you'd be glad to know that.

    Hope everyone has a good day---I'm off to have lunch and give my garden a fall cleaning!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Good Morning...this lovely Friday morning..

    I am glad to see blue sky this morning..even if it is a little cool out..We have had a couple of days of rain..and you all know what that is coming your way !!!

    I have to go to work early this morning...They are having a meeting this morning for the I need to be there early..

    There seems to be no end to things going on around here..plenty of stress for I was up at 3 am...couldn't get back to I did take a muscle relaxant..just to get some extra sleep..I knew I would need it today...but I also knew it would make me groggy today...and so now I am sitting here trying to wake up enough to go to work..ugh..

    Want to especially welcome Lady of the Desert..I am not the one to answer medical questions..I get so confused sometimes..but if you don't get an answer you are looking for, here...make another post...I know there are people around here that understand the drug issues read the member toolbox post for ideas of things to help you.

    ok...time to get busy.
    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    CrazyTaurensWife responded:
    Good morning

    It's another rainy day with temps in the 50s here. I'm trying to get myself in a better mood this morning, but it's harder than usual today. Part of it is DH deciding (as I was getting out of bed) to change his mind on what he wants Monday (Canada's Thanksgiving is Monday, and since the kids and I are from Kansas we celebrate both). With the FM, it takes a LOT of planning and scheduling to make sure I can get everything done without causing a flare. I have to start my prep work and baking 4-5 days early, and I was going to start this morning. So now I guess I'm making lasagna and we'll have turkey for christmas (I have to work on the US Thanksgiving). So I'm cold & cranky and I need to redo the menu and my schedule. Oh least he did it as I was getting up instead of telling me after I picked up the turkey and started baking...

    MiMi - I'm really glad your therapist is taking things slowly. Things will start to feel better soon, once your wrist is more used to being manipulated and starts to heal.

    missshortyd - Congrats on making it 31 days!!

    Lou - You should try Kansas weather I remember walking to school while it was snowing and the snow that was already on the ground being several inches deep... by the time school got out, all the snow had melted and it was t-shirt weather. People in Kansas learn to dress in layers

    Linda R. - Your nurse sounds great! They must do the vitamin D testing differently in the US than here. I had mine tested this week and it came back as 44. According to the lab, anything under 75 is considered low.

    angelswife - I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Some people have a really hard time letting go of someone they love, whether or not it's that person's time.

    I'd better get moving. It's almost 10 and I've got plenty to do before work today. This afternoon I'll be helping the kindergarten classes in the library at my 11 yo's school, so I have something to look forward to

    rudyandirmouse replied to KatmanduLou's response:
    Other than gov't and school employees I don't know anyone who's getting to stay home Monda.
    Linda R
    rudyandirmouse replied to angelswife's response:
    I am so sorry to read about your grandmother's declining health. My heart and prayers are going out to you and your family.

    I know it must be so hard for you to see your uncle try so hard to keep his mother alive, but I have a brother in law who has done the same thing and it's heart wrenching because I knew he loved he so much he just couldn't let her go. And yes, she told me on more than one occasion she'd wished he'd just accept it was her time and let it go. I tried to pass this info on but he just wouldn't hear it. This is where I see the one meaning of love is blind/

    On a lighter note: wow D helped you sleep better. I haven't noticed if it does that for me, but you know I bet it does.
    And I think it helps me with feeling down as well. D is such a good vitamin.

    Again, my prayers are with you..
    Linda R.
    rudyandirmouse replied to glad2bhere65's response:
    Which desert R U from? Having once lived in LA, the desert with water ( LOL) I'd assume a California one? I'll stand to be corrected..
    Linda R.

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