Breast Pain
bowlingtweety posted:
Hello all,
I have had fibro for about 11 years or so and have had all the normal problems but recently I have had a new issue that I am not sure if it is fibro related or not. I have had severe pains (some of them like stabbing pains) in my breast. My gyn did a physical exam and felt what she said were cysts but the subsequent mammogram came back clean.
Has anyone else had a similar problem? I am just confused as to whether or not it is fibro related or not and just how far I should pursue with my gyn.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Periodic breast pain is part of having FM with me too. But I think you should trust yourself and keep pursuing answers with your Gyn, especially if these don't ease and shift for you but stay focused in one area.
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xperky responded:
I will get breast pains if I've used different upper body muscles than usual. It makes me worry as I had breast cancer 11 years ago. They go away in a few days though.

I'd say, if your pains don't go away in a few days, to keep looking for an answer.

There are FM tender points just above the breasts. Are those places hurting you?
With Compassion,
Marylyce responded:
I have breast pain too. I am assuming it is from the fibro. I just had a mamogram and nothing showed as far as lumps. I plan to ask the rheumatologist next week.
missshortyd replied to Marylyce's response:
Morning FMily
I have breast soreness I can hardly touch them sometime .My mamogram also came back normal so I blame it on fm.
crazydoxymama responded:
I've had this too. It was very frightening but after a positive mammogram, I was told it was sensitivity from the FM.
Littlefox77 responded:
I have had Fibro. for about 8 years now. Do you have lumps anywhere esle. If you press and feel around you can feel them better. In the last year I have developed lumps different sizes some are painful and some are numb. Have them on my arms, legs. My Rhuem. told me that it isn't part of Fibro. But didn't tell me what they are, so I am in the middle of a refferal waiting to see what the lumps are. My sister and I think maybe Dercum's Desease.
So check other parts of your body. Have a great day.
sexymamma12 responded:
Hello My name is sexymama I was just diagnosed with Fibro this year August of 2011. But I always have breast pain and it is really irritating becasue usually after I carry grocery bags or lift laundry baskets I feel a throbbing pain but I also get the sharp pains if I drink too much caffeine. If you drink coffee and or soda cut down on the intake because studies have shown people that drink too much caffeine have pains such as yours. Not a doctor but I read many health magazines and I watch health shows on tv. Just wanted to pass this on to you and I hope it helps you. I hope you start to feel better and if you keep having bad pain tell your obgyn and don't feel bad because it is not in your head.. Nice talking to you have a nice night.