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Speech problems
JamesMary posted:
Does anyone else have trouble pronouncing simple words, like success? Or stuttering? The memory problems are bad enough but now I'm having increasing problems with communicating!
This is a major problem for me
CrazyTaurensWife responded:

I was just about to refer you to a couple of discussions, but I see you've just replied to one of them. There were two discussions (with the same title...I think the site goofed and posted the original twice), so you may want to be sure you've read through both. Speech problems seem to be pretty common in people who have FM.

JaRaye responded:
Hi JamesMary. I am new to the community today, but I do want to comment on your question. Yes. It seems like I am put on a stage in front of a thousand people when I am just trying to communicate to even a family member or a close friend. I have to repeat my A's a lot and that's hard because my daughter's name starts with an A. I sometimes feel like I have to re-start a word just to get the whole thing out. I think my friends and family are finally figuring all of this out, too.

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