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Marylyce posted:
My dr. suggested geting up to taking 450 mg of Lyrica a day. Doesn't that sound like alot! Right now I am at 100 mg. a day and it seems to be helping but not enough yet. It may be that I won't need that much but I am tolerating 100 mg without any side effects. Does anyone take 450mg a day? I know everyone is different in what they can tolerate. I'm just thinking that that much I wouldn't be able to tolerate but I could be wrong.
racemom97 responded:
I am taking 225mg in the evening and 75mg in the morning. I tried more during the day but could not function. It is trial and error til you find the right dosage. Good luck to you.
NeNe_11 responded:
Hi Marylyce...I used to take 450mgs of Lyrica per day. I took 225mgs in the morning & another 225mgs at bedtime. Lyrica did not work for me until I reached this dose & took about 3 weeks for it to work but then it provided significant pain relief for me as well as promoting very good sleep.
I only lasted on Lyrica for 5 months as the side effects were just to great for me. I wish I could take it as nothing else has worked quite like it. I hope it works for you-give it a chance.
Take Care,
survivedlasvegas responded:
I am taking 450mg of Lyrica a day and have just started on this higher dose 2 weeks ago. So far i'm seeing a big improvment,but the side effects are not bad either. I've tried 2 other meds before this one that i had terrable side effects to so I'm really hoping we can find a dose of Lyrica that will work. I wish you the best and hope you find a med that works for you.

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