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Fibromyalgia and face/ear pain
briannacooper posted:
My mom has been dealing with fibromyalgia for six years. Recently she has been having pain in her face, jaw, and ears. She has been to a dentist, a pain specialist, an ENT doc and no one can seem to give her a definitive answer or at the least any sort of help at all. ENT says it is TMJ but the dentist who did through X-rays says it is not TMJ. I am so sick of watching her be miserable and sad and frustrated. Someone---anyone....advise? Please. Thank you
1wareaglefan responded:
I wish I could give you advice. Maybe a neurologist could help. I've heard of a type of pain that can go along with fibro called "something neuralgia." (not 100% sure on that). But I do know that it causes excrutiating pain in that area.

I think checking with a neurologist might be your answer.

Good luck! Elizabeth
NeNe_11 replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
My ears, jawline & cheeks hurt, especially troublesome is lying my head on the pillow, I cant get comfortable because of the pain. My doc says it just fibro, as usual. I have not found anyway to help this except to put the microwavable heating pad on my face!
Soophie responded:
Hello!! I know alot of people with fibro get whats called myofacial pain. Pain associated with the face. Usually some sort of massage to the muscles on the face can help with this. Stress can also cause this as well as TMJ. I have all of the symptoms. As for the ears!! I am not sure. I know I have alot of crackling and pain in my ears and the doc told me I have Eustation Tube Disfunction!! I hope this helps some!! Hugs to you!!

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