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Exrta Sensitive..
sparkyar posted:
I have had FM for over ten years now, I also have tested positive for Lupus in the last year. My condition has escalated in this last year I work as a CNA/cook full time plus have overtime quite a bit.
Yesterday I burnt my hand on some very hot water, I understand that burns are a unique injury, but it seemed almost like that I am over sensitive to any injury I( just wanted to cry yesterday) here lately. I have so much pain at times that I have forgotten what "normal" is. Does anyone else have an higher sensation to pain? Especially for a "minor" injury.
1wareaglefan responded:
Yes, if you look up the symptoms list of fibro, being ultra sensitive is definitely one of the ones listed. That means ultra sensitive to pain, plus light, noise, chemicals, etc.
DakotaWilsonFM responded:
Hi... I too am sensitive to things... I just sat here and was perfectly fine one minute and the next the pain was the worse and unbelievable... I was unable to carry on a conversation with my daughter on the phone... I couldn't text a friend on my cell... i couldn't get up I hurt so bad I could only cry... So I finally got up and made it into the kitchen for a drink and got my meds.. and got something to eat... then i made it back and rested a bit and now I am extremely sore but not anywhere near the pain I was in...

I don't know if a minor injury is wrong or if I just hurt to be hurting... I think they are tired of looking... and I am getting sensitive of all the tests lol... just had a nerve conductory test done and cried lie a baby... I was suppose to have it done the wednesday before thanksgiving and I am sure glad I waited... oh the pain it has raised... the flare is unreal.
Wolfsong452 responded:
yes, yes, yes, to the extra sensitivity to anything,
sound, lights, even the lightest of touches.

I love going to an auction, but the loud noise from the speakers kills me after about 1 hour.
foreversore responded:
I'm with Wolfsong...Bright lights, jostling crowds, loud noises especially over a prolonged period of time or even when 2 people are trying to talk to me at once all cause me problems. Not all of the time but sometimes when people touch me my skin literally crawls and it hurts. I am prone to migraines as well.
Soophie responded:
Hello sparkyar!! Yes I am definately more sensative to pain as well as the sunshine, and definately crowds of people, lots of noise. I totally get overwhelmed!! Its like my body cannot take the over stimulation. When this happens I quickly get stressed out, which in turn brings on a massive headache, a sour stomach, and the dire need for quiet!! I have trouble processing stuff when people talk to me. Its like I only get bits and pieces. Very distressing!! As for the sensitivity to pain. Yes if I get the smallest bump or cut it feel ten times worse than it should!! I am sorry to here you have Lupus as well as the Fibro. Its so overwhelming sometimes isn't it!! I wish you a speedy recovery from your burn!! Hugs to you!!

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