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    Does anyone suffer from low grade fevers?
    soophie posted:
    Hello everyone!! I hope I find you all well and in good spirits with the holidays coming!! I was wondering if anyone get low grade fevers alot? Ever since I was diagnosed I seem to get alot of low grade fevers!! Is this a part of fibro? I get them alot!! Also does anyone suffer from alot of nausea and upset stomach. I am going through a bout of this right now. My stomach has not felt good for over a week now. I just feel quesy!! If anyone has any input I would be greatfull!! I hope you all have a great night! Hugs to all!! Michelle
    1wareaglefan responded:
    Hey, Michelle. I'm sorry you're feeling yucky...nausea is the worst! If you look up Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you'll see the frequent low grade fevers are a symptom of that. Many people have CFS along with fibro. I'm not sure if the fevers go with the fibro.

    As far as the tummy troubles, that does relate to the fibro. IBS, or upset tummy is one of our symptoms. Of course, it also could be meds. It seems like there's always something new, doesn't it?

    I think you might ask your doctor about the fever thing, though. Do you also have swollen lymph glands and/or sore throat? That's CFS, from what I've read.

    Good luck.....Elizabeth
    soophie responded:
    Dear 1wareaglefan, Thankyou so much for your response!! I appreciate it!! I have never been diagnosed with CFS, but often suspected that I have it as well as the Fibro! I have had them ever since I was diagnosed with Fibro!! Yes I have had IBS I think since I was in my twenties!! I hate it!! I am only on nexium which helps with my GERD as well!! I don't know if they have meds for IBS. I think they do, but they never put me on any of them!! Not sure why!! I am on a few meds, which are xanaxt. I know I spelt that one wrong.LOL!! Also neurontin, Trazadone. I just started taking probiotic pills to see if it helps any!! sometimes I think my glands are swollen, but everytime I am at the docs office they haven't ever found swollen glands!! OMG I have had this Fibro stuff for 13 years now and yes it always seems like there is something new!! Its hard enough dealing with the old stuff, but new stuff keeps piling on!! Well anyways I have to Boogy now, so I can see if I can get some stuff accomplished today!! Many Hugs and Thanks to you!! Have a good day!!
    celt01 responded:
    Hello Soophie, yes I have experienced occasional low grade fevers all my adult life. I am male and 60, so that's been a long time. My youngest sister (who's 48 and an RN) has always had them, too. We are both diagnosed with FM and we both are ANA . Whether it has to do with FM or other autoimmune "weirdness" I have no idea. We have identical symptoms, muscle & soft tissue soreness/stiffness, fatigue, and our glands can swell almost instantaneously for no apparent cause!

    On occasion, I will take an Ibuprofen if the fever is getting me down. They usually don't last more than a day or an afternoon - until the next time. Anyhow, I can't tell you why we get the fevers, but I can tell you that your not alone!
    celt01 responded:
    That was supposed to be ANA with a plus sign in my previous post - don't know where it went. So we are ANA positive.
    ScooterPooterPuddinPie responded:
    Hi Michelle,
    I almost ALWAYS have a low grade fever, and do indeed think it's related to the condition. I have made this connection because when I have a bad flare, it goes from low grade to HIGH grade (103 )
    Don't know about the upset stomach, maybe from the meds you're taking? Ibuprofen can cause bad stomach problems if taken on an empty stomach.
    Hope this helps!
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on!
    lmetairie replied to ScooterPooterPuddinPie's response:
    Hi Cindi,
    I also suffer from low grade fever since i was a little girl as long as my mom could remember. but i didnt get diagnose with FM until i was 25 after my son birth . i have lived with FM for 23yrs.I do notice that when I have a flare up my body temp goes up higher. what triggers my FM is stress,whe i dont get proper sleep,ans when I am getting sick. I sont take medication only Iburofen and fexeril when I have soreness. but I am glad that now i know its normal.
    Thank you
    An_251639 responded:
    I have had nausea for the past 12 years. I was diagnosed with IBS which is quite common for people with fibromyalgia.
    BetteK replied to lmetairie's response:

    Nothing about FM is normal. Those of us who are older have been told, "It's all hot flashes." Don't believe it.

    If you've been using things like ibuprofen for a long time, you may be hurting yourself more than you're helping. Longterm use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen does nasty things to your stomach and the rest of your digestive system.

    Please check this out with your doctor. It may be time to try something else, something gentler on your digestion .

    suezhalp responded:
    I was diagnosed with fibro in the early 1990's and was told it was a severe case that I had probably had for 20 years. I had always attributed pain and fatigue associated with many demanding hours as a secretary, typing (not computers much then) and was someone that always caught right away any virus going around; example: one of the first to get Hong Kong Flu and Asian in south Mississippi and New Orleans. I saw rheumatologist at Tulane Medical Center, who did not offer much help (my primary care there had diagnosed it early before even testing the 18 "points" - of which I was positive for all of them. For the next few years, I saw another rheumatologist in New Orleans, again who did not know much and did nothing but increase the strength of antidepressants if my symptoms continued. Over the last 10 or so years, I have just lived with it, taking Extra Strength Tylenol (prescribed pain medication messes up my whole system), 650 mg after seeing a gastro specialist in Gulfport MS. He was the first person to tell me that my long time history of colitis and spastic colon (and bouts of nausea), if not caused by fibro, certainly was aggravated by it.
    Then after a serious fall in Dec. 2012 with a head injury (no concussion), I started experiencing more pain related symptoms...some all over, similar to flu symptoms. Then in April of 2013, I started running from 1 to 3 degrees of low grade fever DAILY. This continued for 6 months...daily. I was fatigued and could hardly make myself get up and do what I had to do with activities of daily living (and for my best friend, Sassy, my Chihuahua). I saw a new more concerned primary care physician who tested me for everything possible and could not find the cause. A friend mentioned my fibro and I looked up this web site and discovered that low grade fever is indeed related to fibromyalgia. At least I had found a cause and reason (naturally, no friends reliazed, or really cared, how bad I felt and could not visualize fever for 6 months daily). I also was having trouble with swallowing and was tested and it was my exacerbation of my long time reflux, but nothing else showed up. BUT this doctor was shocked at the length of time of my fever and prescribed Prednisone, 10 mg, 2/day for 2 weeks, then 1/day for 2 weeks. But I was showing improvement the very 2nd day I started the Prednisone.
    I hope this helps you. Don't give up. Keep looking until you find the right treatment, but know that low grade fever goes along with it and wears many faces. Sorry this is so long.
    bette_kaffitz responded:

    Welcome aboard. You will find that we are all different. We share this diagnosis, but since the list of possible symptoms is so long, the chance of any one having EXACTLY the same mix as you have is very slim.

    That horrible IBS is one of the many symptoms that many of us share. Along with your probiotic, you may find that upping your fiber consumption is a big help too. (I have raisin bran for breakfast every morning. It has made a big change in my digestion. I used to have the diarrhea/constipation (sometimes in the same B.M.!) type of IBS it was awful having to be aware of the location of the nearest bathroom all the time. In the past year--since I added the raisin bran--all this has stopped.

    I do not get low grade fevers, but I do go from FEELING hot to FEELING cold and back again in bewildering speed. This got much worse when menopause came around, but has not returned to its pre-menopause rate since. Since I'm 70, I am not holding my breath waiting for this particular symptom to abate.

    Please find a one of Devin Starlanyl's books on fibro. I'm sure your local library can get some for you. Dr. Starlanyl is one of us, a gifted writer, and extremely compassionate. You will learn so much about the many faces of fibromyalgia, and will probably decide to purchase one or more of her books.

    Fibromyalgia is not a whole lot of fun, but it is something you can learn to deal with. Please help the rest of us by telling us what has helped you. We will all do our best to help you, too.

    coffeegirl182 responded:
    I regularly have low grade fevers as well. Every morning I can only stomach a small amount of Greek yogurt or I make a green smoothie (I used Vega Energizing smoothie blend)...anything else and I'd feel faint/nauseous. Try some soda crackers (Premium Plus) and try drinking more water. If you take a lot of Advil/painkillers than talk to your doc about some stomach acid reducing meds (am taking some now and it really helps).
    coffeegirl182 replied to BetteK's response:
    I'm 27 and essentially having hot flashes then. I sweat to death at night as well which is apparently 'hot flash' territory as well.

    Mom had an ulcer from all the NSAIDs she's taken and the stress work put her under.
    coffeegirl182 replied to celt01's response:
    What do you mean by ANA? Do you mean your ANA tests are positive? I just had mine done and it was.
    An_258277 responded:
    This is my 50th year anniversary of living with FM and all the things that go with it. Including condemnation from loved ones - which is harder than pain nausea fatigue etc. sip fresh ginger juice for nausea. No INSAIDs that damage the stomach & esophagus. Don't bend over much for the GERD. Ambien for sleep can make you crazy. Tuylenol makes me nauseated and doesn't really seem to reduce the fever that lasts longer every year. Shopping for an hour causes pain and exhaustion and fever. So does A car ride or any other exertion that's not normal. Hang in there. I have less pain since I'm older 76 and don't do much. It's gotten too hard to push through pain and exhaustion. May The Lord bless and help you.

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