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tmari posted:
Anyone else taking Tramadol having issues with excessive itching ?
shs1969 responded:
Hi. I have been on Tramadol for several yrs. I live in MN, where it goes from humid in the summer to dry in the winter. Yes, I seem to have more itching than previously. I tried lots of brand name lotions and cremes with little improvement. The "itching" areas are usually on my upper back and arms. I finally went to see a dermatologist who prescribed fluocinonide ointment. It is a steroid product, so you can't use it excessively because it can cause skin thinning, I think. But, it does help sometimes when I can't sleep between the itching and pain. I also do more "partial" baths, trying not to irritate the old skin. Take care. shs 1969
sparkyar responded:
I took Tramadol for ten years, then all of a sudden I started the itching. After talking to my rheumatologist and telling him what was going on, he told me that I was becoming allergic to it. He prescribed Nucynta which is a narcotic, but oh boy did that switch make a difference!!! I don't itch and the pain is SO much better.
annette030 responded:
Itching is a fairly common side effect, 5-12% of the folks who use tramadol have itching as a side effect according to my drug handbook. How severe it was would affect my decision to continue using it.

If you also have hives, I would consider it an allergic reaction, stop taking it, and go to my doctor immediately. But without hives, a tightening of my throat, or other allergic symptoms, I would not assume it is an allergy.

I had transitory itching as a side effect of hydrocodone/APAP many years ago, it came and went away without any treatment at all.

Take care, Annette

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