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mamogram, pain!
Wolfsong452 posted:
ok, not sure if I"ve spelled it correctly, so hope you know what I'm saying

oooooo the pain!

they tell me a woman over 50 needs to be tested every year, why? if all the tests have come back normal,for the last 3 years, then why?

I tried to go shopping at my favorite Goodwills, didn't work, so I went and bought some Long Johns Silver,, that was a bust, oh well, my dog Sinchi enjoyed it.

came home and crashed on the futon, talk about a lousy sleep,

futons, are not made for sleeping.

so now dealing with FM flare, or my flares have been UPPED, some.

off to take a watch my favorite Criminal Minds, then some meds. hot shower etc. then back in a real bed, or what calls for a real bed at my house.
Wolfsong452 responded:
Booch007 responded:
Men should have testicular exams like we have to have mammo's !**** The machine would be re-invented!

Sorry about the once a year, I htought they lowered it to every 2 years if no history or issues. I go every 2 years. The problem with that is some cancers are agressive and in a 2 years span you really can be in deep poop.

It is a difficult study for some of us.

Hope you are felling better today. Hugs, Nancy B
Wolfsong452 replied to Booch007's response:
HA HA HA!!!!

spookiesmom replied to Booch007's response:
Oh I agree 100%!!!! those machines were designed by male sadists. So if a man ever allowed his most tender piece of atanomy to be squashed like a pancake, the machines would be redisigned overnight.
Booch007 replied to spookiesmom's response:
Again we need a like button is so simple a request...Nan
1wareaglefan responded:
I just had my yearly mammo yesterday, and yes, it was painful. But I did act smart and took a pain pill before I went. There was just one "picture" where I said out loud, "Dear God in Heaven!"

I've always said that about men and their tender spot!! I do believe in going every year, b/c like Nancy said, within a year something can start up and grow quite a bit. I've heard of several women who had something develop within a year of last mammo.
Wolfsong452 replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
good idea,, about the pain medicine.

I will remember that,

yes, I will be going again next year!
xperky replied to Wolfsong452's response:
Yes, they are ouchy! But, it is well worth it to find any possible growths when they are small and totally removable.

Definitely take your pain pill before hand, and be ever so thankful when the result comes back negative!

Your boobs will lose the pancake shape in a few days...LOL
With Compassion,
Wolfsong452 replied to xperky's response:
now that is funny! pancake shape!


I will never think of pancakes the same way again!
Fibrofog64 responded:
Mamos and the oh so wonderful pap-smere. Does anyone else have pain with the pap-smere?
gridly1 replied to Fibrofog64's response:
Hi, I have So Much Pain w/ a pap, I feel sorry for the Doc.
KatmanduLou responded:
I'm not convinced men have to do the testicle thing, since men do get breast cancer they should have a standard mammogram. Because of a great problem (one is very much bigger than the over) I also get to have MRIs. You go into the tube feet first, face down, and it's not so bad. It's very expensive tho'.

As for the papa, since I'm DES exposed I get a 'special' pap from two places in there, and it hurts like crazy! I've had a dc poking around in there since I was in my teens, and I'm glad my gyn explains everything.

I'm gonna start another post on a new subject, look for "Fibroids" in the title!
Fibrofog64 replied to gridly1's response:
Have you found anything that helps?

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