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Tripping problem
kylersnanna7 posted:
Does anyone experience tripping? It's like my feet don't pick up all the way and I trip and most of the time even fall. It's embarrassing. Very interested to find out the answer to this. Thanks in advance. Hope everyone's having a wonderful Christmas!

Dollbug responded:
Hello Diane.....MiMi in NC....I have fallen twice and have broken both wrists when I fell....I am not sure that mine was a tripping problem or just a balance problem...

Both times I have had to have surgery....and I now have lots of hardware in my wrists....I set off the security system when I go to court....(another thing that I have to deal with)...

Anyway....perhaps we need to get a cane.....of course, if I did....I would certainly be falling trying to use the cane....which would NOT be a good thing either...

Take care....and be as careful as you can...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
angelswife responded:
Hi Diane,
I trip over things sometimes...usually it's rugs or stairs. The other night it was someone's feet at a party---it was a good thing she was sitting down.

I run into things more than I trip over them. Husband jokes that people are going to think he beats me up if I keep getting bruises on me.
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi Diane, Linda R here and OMG do I trip! You are so NOT ALONE in this tripping thingy. I noticed I started to 'trip' 20 years ago while I was walking fast and it's always the same leg, the left that doesn't lift high enough and catches and the floor and I stumble. Thank God it's not everyday, but just every so often. I know how you feel. I hate the fact that I look so clumsy and I'm NOT!

When I help out over at the church each month I make sure I have the lighter weight shoes with good rubber soles so they grip. I steer away from the slicker bottom soles so if the left leg goes out from me or I start to trip I know I won't slip and fall.

I have tried using light weight shoes, sandals when ever I can. I stay away from the heavier walking shoes as it makes the leg work more lifting. Well to my way of thinking.

I don't' have any other suggestions to offer you here, just go with the lighter weight shoes with good rubber soles. I have yet to stumble while in sandals..
Gentle hugs going out to you.
Linda R.
Deansmimi responded:
Dear Kylersnana7

I have read, more than one place, that Tai-Chi can help with balance problems. It is a very gentle excersize, and is not strenuous. It would be worth a try, and would help you feel more secure when you're out walking.

Good luck and God Bless!
rudyandirmouse replied to Deansmimi's response:
I too have heard that Tai Chi' helps with balance. I do Tai Chi' once a week, or more depending on how I busy I am or feeling, and it may well be the reason I don't trip as much or as often as I had before using Tai Chi' exercise movements.

I know I don't hurt after spending 20 minutes moving slowly in this position or that one. I like Tai Chi' and think it is a helpful way to get a easy work out.

Diane you may want to rent a Tai Chi' work out tape and if you like it and it helps you may want to continue on weekly and see if it stops or eases your tripping issues.

Gentle hugs going out to you,
Linda R

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