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    SilverDove7 posted:
    Hi Im new here and Im not sure I have regular doc says I do. I hhave had a arthritis panel done and it came back normal. I toes ache my ankles hurt my calves ache my elbows hurt my lower back hurts and boy does my shoulders neck hurt..even my fingers and knees. I dont know about the burning sensations far as I know I havent hhad that. This all just started in the last two months or so. Sometimes I hhave a low grade headache. Sometimes I have no symptoms at all. Cold weather triggers it for sure...but im not sure what else. The doc put me on mobic to start with and it didnt do anything. She tried savella but medicaid wouldnt go for she has me on neurotin. Its not doing much either. I have not seen a Rhematologist and dont know if medicaid would pay for one. Anyway does anyone notice any symptoms or anything that tells you that you are going to have a flare up? I would like to hear other peoples stories and symptoms and what they feel brought on their fibromyalgia. How do you get diagnosed? My doc says I dont need to see a rhematologist to be diagnosed with it.. Thank you for all your help.
    booch007 responded:
    Good Morning Silver dove,

    If you look to the right under resources there is a section in there called the toolbox, check that out. It is all the tools we made to help us, plus stories of the walk we all made to get to here. IT may help.

    I do know that you can see a rheumatologist with your program of care. They be few and far between, but they are there. Go to a large medical center and see there. You can call and check yourself. YOU MUST SEE SOMEONE above your local physician to be diagnosed please.......then returning to him for future follow up. (You should always get more then one opinion)

    The other thing, if you click on the icons for the people here their profiles are attached and you can meet them as well. (If they filled it out)

    Read all of Dr P's discussions under his picture up on the right. HE is our leader....our *Champion Physician. He has FM and treats FM so listen to what he says. Go throug the threads placed there to see what fits your interest. I wish you luck in getting the right meds and feeling better.

    Please be sure to be drinking plenty of fresh water for your body (that is all the muscles ask for you know...water) (not pop, not ice tea not diet chemicals). Thanks. All my best, Nancy B
    bocou responded:
    what does savella do? what is it compared too? as far as flares go, it seems I never feel good, ever, its very depressing. i hope you don't have fibro, it is really hard for people to understand. I have learned after a good 8 years of this that there is no talking to someone who does not have this horrific disease or whatever it is. they just don't get it and you will just be looked at like a hypochondriac. good luck,
    i recently heard that taking omega 3 is good for inflammation in the body, makes sense. I am going to give it a try. swimming or just moving around in very warm water is good.
    my10cats responded:
    As far as flare ups go I've noticed a couple triggers for myself. The weather especially barometric pressure changes of .7 kilopascals (kPa) during a 24hr perios, also big changes in humidity(20% increase or more in a day. But the biggest trigger I've found is stress.

    As far as savella is concerned it is containdicated for drugs like Cymbalata and Lyrica. I don't know if these are like what your using so ask your pharmacist. Hope yhis helps.

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