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Nerve Pain
Schrode posted:
Hi All! I was wondering what you do to help with nerve pain. I have pain in a line from my lower back, around my hip across the front of my left leg. It feels like sciatica but on the front of the leg. I have had it for a few weeks. It lasts part of every day.

I am taking, cymbalta, lyrica, magnesium and nortriptyline. I have tried heat and cold. Any suggestions? It is just too irritating, even my clothes hurt me.

Soft hugs,
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Schrode,

Sciatica can impact more than the back and side of the leg. Be sure to see your doctor to pursue answers and treatment which may include physical therapy.

In the meantime, keep on icing and if you've not already tried applying one of those icy gels on your skin, that may help. And rest as you can.

(I had this for a very long time through last year and it took a few different approaches to get it eased. A CT scan showed a disc issue in my back, pressing on the nerve. Not fun, I know.)
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1dazygal responded:
I have 6 herniated disc in my back. L1&2 blew while in the hospital. Just moved my legs to get up and pow! The pain was so bad I guess they heard me and came running in. They did a MRI with-in an hour and that's how I found out 2 more were herniated.

You shouldn't ignore this pain if it continues. See your Dr. I'm in a leg brace right now and it's really trigging this type of pain for me. Very tough pain to get to stop! Help!

I know it sounds silly but check the heels on your shoes. Sometimes this type of pain can be brought on if you say walk on the outside edge of your heels. They have simple shoe inserts your Dr can recommend. These are different then what you'll find in the store. Good luck to you!

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