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hating my life
mynavygirl001 posted:
Hi, I was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago,,,,My pain meds always helped me, at least I could do what I needed to do--now all my drs been doing the jast year or so is give mobic and tylenol basicly,,,i have an allergt to lyrica and dont u know they give it to again,,,why take me off my pain meds/ I also have MS,osteo arthritis and DDD in neck among other things, I just hate my life,,,,when I can,t move to take care of my very active 2 yo---i've had it,,,,so sick of drs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hisfaithful1 responded:
Maybe you should try to find a different doctor. I know that chronic pain needs to be managed. So if they are refusing to work with you to find decent pain relief it really may be time to shop around. I know how frustrating this can be, have been there too. You maybe could even ask to be referred to a pain specialist. Hang in there, and don't give up!

sugismimi responded:
Hi Navygirl,
I agree with you about the doctors and I really do feel the same frustration and anger and well on my part confusion.

I have had the same doc my GP, handling my pain meds for 3 years now. I do not know what caused him to want to stop doing it, but he does.

I was referred out to the local liscensed pill pusher, it took 6 mos. no exaggerations, 6 mos. several appt. snafoo's fropm the docs staff . and I finally get in.

I bring the 30 pages of paper work that was to be filled out before your appt. and since all my meds ran out the same morning i didnt bring my med bottles. yes they wanted every single bottle of medicine including any OTC stuff.

The receptionist says wheres your meds i have to go thru them before the doc will see you.

i told her i didnt bring them and why.

she aid didnt we tell you to bring all of them no matter what.

I felt like my mother just yelled at me for not doing the dishes. after several more words some very colorful, i told them i just didnt see where that office would work for me.

left in tears no meds and went straight to my GP.

i go thru this again, and after a few visits and letters being exchanged between the GP and the pain doc regarding whos gonna write my meds,
the pain doc wanted documentation that the GP wasnt writing scripts for me, and him writing scripts for the same things.

got it all straightened out, and my last visit, after sufferering thru his egomaniacle speeches about trusting hima nd his expertise, i asked about my monthly refills

no lie, he says, im not writing you pain meds I do not write scripts for FM.

well , if you read clsoley you will see he said he would , he wanted to be in charge of them and now he doesnt treat with pain meds.

omg!!!! that was a very tramatic day.

then I find out since my FMLA ran out Dec.17th and I had no time left, I didnt get paid for the 4 day holiday the state makes you take off.

so no meds no money no doc

yes I wanna give up too

but we can't, we can't let this get us, we have to be stronger than the pain , especially for our children..

take comfort in the kid/s and love them thru your pain. it's a small comfort but at least you are blessed with that.

take care, and thanks for reading,listening,caring


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