hating my life
mynavygirl001 posted:
Hi, I was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago,,,,My pain meds always helped me, at least I could do what I needed to do--now all my drs been doing the jast year or so is give mobic and tylenol basicly,,,i have an allergt to lyrica and dont u know they give it to again,,,why take me off my pain meds/ I also have MS,osteo arthritis and DDD in neck among other things, I just hate my life,,,,when I can,t move to take care of my very active 2 yo---i've had it,,,,so sick of drs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sparkyar responded:
So sorry you are going through such trouble... I don't understand what the dr is thinking. I am so very lucky that I have a FM specialist that I can go to... I would ask to see a Rheumatologist if you are not already seeing one