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Painful Gums FMS Symptom?
Bumblemom posted:
Good Morning Everyone! I was just wondering if painful gums and dental problems are common with FMS? I recently had a severe flare up and for the first time I was experiencing painful gums, I wasn't sure if it was the medications I was on or if it was part of the flare up!
Pleasant regards to all! :0)
xperky responded:
Have you been checked for Sjogren's? Do you suffer from dry mouth and eyes? Many people who have dry mouth also experience dental problems.

Hugs back to you. It's no fun to have mouth pain.
With Compassion,
1dazygal responded:
I suffer from terrible dry mouth because my various pain factors cause nausea so I take Meds for that and it drys out your mouth causing decay etc. I was told to use sugerless candies or gum to keep mouth moist.

I also have the worst dry eye symptoms. I wore hard contacts for 25 yrs and I'm paying the price. There is a script you can get, expensive or use over the counter tears. There is a gel I put in at night that really helps. You can use several times a day (ask your dr). It's kinda like Vaseline in your eye for a couple minutes -the blurry vision, dont use Vaseline -and then wonderful relief.
booch007 responded:
You know I have had this. Not that I had gum disease but they hurt so bad....I treated myself for pain as I would for a hip or my neck...then I also went and brushed, flossed and used my water pik to be sure there wasn't a seed or something in there I didn't know about.

I will tell you it was my FM....probably the fascial nerve was upset, and it radiated to the gums. Tough spot to fix or treat. HOT pak to the neck getting up around the ears area where the main branch goes around towards the face and jaw.......

Well, I am late in this response, I hope you are better by now.

If it is mouth issues, a cleaning is needed.....and if dry mouth is an issue a product called Biotene is so great. We use it in the Chemo patients for their oral health. Good luck.....Nancy B

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