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    Jerking! Scared!
    kadiki posted:
    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while but I have a new sympton. I'm wondering does anyone else experience jerking in all different parts of body, legs, arms, neck for example. it is not constant and happens maybe once daily in one part of my body.

    It's really starting to scare me. I haven't seen the doctor yet. Does anyone have this sympton? Please any advice is very much appreciated. Love to all. Diane
    One day at a time.
    Diane King
    clkwc1964 responded:

    I do tend to have muscle spasms. Not sure if this is what you are asking though. Is it like seizure movements or mild muscle spasms? This FM is crazy and many different aspects seem to be present here. I would be interested to see others responses. Cat :0)
    kadiki replied to clkwc1964's response:
    Thank you for responding. I have muscle spasms but this is like just a jerk, like jerking your hand from a hot pan. It's just not that hard. It's not noticeable to others, it's real light. It happens in several places on my body, even my neck. It's hard to explain I guess. It's happening more and I am scared it's going to get worse and noticeable to others. Thanks again. Diane
    One day at a time.
    Diane King
    MaryinMt responded:
    Hi Kadiki I have leg jerks at night that just come out of nowhere. It's been happening for some time but that is the only jerking I am familiear with. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Hugs Mary
    Signing off with tender hugs , caring thoughts and well wishes.
    1wareaglefan responded:
    Hey, Diane...I have this, too. It happens when I lie down to rest or go to sleep. I'll have jerking movements in arms, legs, buttocks. I once posted a question about it to Dr. P., and he gave an answer for why it happens. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with nerves misfiring. I could be off, but maybe not too far off. You could try to look it up in the "search this community" bar above Dr. P.'s picture.

    Also on another fibro website, others were talking about it, and someone gave an explanation from something she'd read: that it's from our muscles being exhausted, and it's a type of "seizure" of the muscle.

    I hope this eases your mind. It seems to be fairly common in fibro. It wouldn't hurt to ask the doctor, though.

    Take care.....Elizabeth
    Laurac104 responded:
    Hello! I have not been on in a while. I saw your post and now know why I came on tonight. As I was reading, I felt like you were describing me! I love that there is someone that relates to this weird thing. I usually get it about once a day as well, I have had a few times were it seemed to have lasted half the day or more! I think that happens more when I am in a flare. I have mentioned this to my Dr a while back and shoved it off as normal. He explained that some people twitch before they go to sleep or as they are falling asleep. I told him that I know what he is talking about and it is more than that. That was close to a year ago, and I think it has increased a bit since then. I am seeing my neurosurgeon tomorrow and have intentions of bringing it up to him. But I do understand completely. The twitching is less then an eye twitch, but it happens pretty much any where in my body. The jerking is a small movement, typically my arms/hands. Not real noticeable, but maybe could be if someone was looking right at my hand when it happens. I do notice it more when I am at rest, but I guess that makes more sense. When I am moving around it is harder to notice little twitches and jerks. I have thought that maybe I have the symptoms of some early neurological disorder, but I sure hope not. Maybe this is yet another symptom of FMS. If I have anything to share after my neuro appt tomorrow I will be back to post it.
    kadiki replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
    Thank you both. I feel little better about it now. Elizabeth, I will look up the info you suggested. I knew you guys would help. When I think I'm caught up with a new symptom, here comes another.

    Mary, no I haven't been to doc about it yet. I guess I'm putting it off afraid of what it might be. Mine don't bother me much when I sleep , maybe because I'm taking a sleeping pill and a muscle relaxer, I notice it during the day, sitting and watching tv or something.

    Fibromyalgia is invisible misery-83D-E16. I'm so glad we have this forum. I don't know anyone who has it so I don't have anyone who I can talk to. Thanks again to you both. Diane
    One day at a time.
    Diane King
    kadiki replied to kadiki's response:
    Wow you explained it perfectly, LAURAC. Oh I feel so much better now. I hold back some of my symptoms, there is so many. I feel like people think 'whats she got now?' It's so comforting to know that people understand. It's a horrible that we have to go through all this though.

    I look forward to your post after your appt. Sorry for the weird numbers in my post. It was supposed to be a sad smiley face but I guess the emoticons are just for texting. I'm on my phone.

    I hope you get good news from your doctor! Thanks again.
    One day at a time.
    Diane King
    Laurac104 replied to kadiki's response:
    Hi Diane! Well, I wish I had more to report, this is all I have. I actually went to the neurosurgeon as part of my f/u from my cervical disc fusion. I mentioned this to him, and he told me that I need to see the neurologist for a full work-up. I have kind of been ignoring this one as well. I so understand when you talked about not complaining about or discussing all your symptoms. I spoke with the doc about it when it 1st started, maybe close to a year ago now. But I am noticing it increasing. Not a lot, but definite there. It sounds so awful to say that I am so happy to have found someone that is having this strange symptom, but I think you know what i mean. My appt for the neurologist is next Tuesday, happy valentines day to me! But hey, we can certainly chat between now and then if you'd like! Laura
    kadiki replied to Laurac104's response:
    Hi Laura, Im glad to you had a good visit with the doc. Sounds like he might not think it's to serious. I've been to a neurologist and had every test known to man, ha. That was a few years ago though. I desperately do not want to start all over again.

    I've read on the internet of things it could be and I'm thinking since others are experiencing the same thing that its just part of FMS. Yea, I know what you mean about being glad to know someone else is dealing with the same thing.

    Sure we can chat, maybe compare symptoms. ha I'm interested in your back surgery. I have degenerative disk disease with bad disk in my lower back and one in my neck. I have to always have the tv or radio on or just noise because when I turn my head side to side I can hear the bones rubbing together. I can't stand it! Anyway, I hope to chat again. Diane
    One day at a time.
    Diane King
    Laurac104 replied to kadiki's response:
    That is so funny, I did some research last night and found the same thing, that it is yet another symptom of fibro. I was actually thinking about canceling the appt. I just hate constantly going from dr to dr only to find out what I suspected from the start, it is fibro. I am also thinking I can save myself the time and copayment. I had my surgery last april after suffering with cervical degenerative disc disease. First we tried the facet injections with no relief, so surgery it was. They replaced 2 discs and topped with a metal plate, it is a fusion. I wore a collar for 6 weeks, then did physical therapy. I am still having some pain, but I am being told that the whole healing process takes about 1 - 11/2 years. Right now I am having some swelling in the area, so we are going to start a series of facet injections that will hopefully help bring it back. So I really cannot say at this point if it was worth it, it's just too early to tell. It seems like there are so many people that have the DDD with fibro, it makes me wonder if there is some sort of link there as well. Hope I helped on that topic at least, let me know if you have any other questions I can help you out with. Talk soon! Laura
    katmandulou responded:
    My DH has Restless legs, and used to kick me all night. His doc said he had an iron deficiency, put him on iron, and the RLS went away.

    Have your doc check your vitamin and mineral levels!
    Laurac104 replied to katmandulou's response:
    I have had vitamin B andD checked. I have also had magnesium and iron checked, all within the last few months. Everything is normal. Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already ruled these out. What is funny is that I used to have a problem with RLS, but I have actually not had that in over a year! Probably because I did have an iron deficiency and now take extra iron. So that very well have been part of the reason for the RLS. But this does seem separate.
    georgia888 responded:
    Hi Diane,
    Since my diagnosis about 4 years ago, jerking body parts has been one of the many unusual symptoms I suffer from with this nasty condition. Various parts of my body have been prone to jerk while in a resting state, i.e. either sitting or lying in bed. It is truly involuntary & although it can be scarey, I don't believe they are anything to be alarmed about. Dr. P has commented on this & you may want to search his discussions on this website to read further on the subject.

    Do you take a magnesium supplement along with calcium & vitamin D? If not, please research these important nutrients needed by all & especially us sufferers.

    Take care,
    kadiki replied to georgia888's response:
    Thanks Georgia, you all have made me feel better. I do take calcium and keep my vit d checked. My sis n law actually bought me some magnesium last week and I forgot about. I will try it out.

    Since you've been diagnosed how many different people has told what you need to do to feel better? I'm not talking about you guys on here, people you know that mean well but don't have a clue whats going on. I have had so many miracle cure suggestions. Don't you get tired of that or is it just me?

    I think the craziest one I have had was to eat a small red potato with the peelings everyday and it will cure me. What are some you all have had? It's late. I will be back tomorrow. goodnight. Diane
    One day at a time.
    Diane King

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