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sparkyar posted:
Hi everyone,
man I can feel the cold front coming in, my joints are achy tonight.. I know the weather causes more pain for me.. I wish I could win the lottery and move to a warmer climate during the winter.. The cold weather is a killer for me..
I am working full time plus right now,we are down four positions at work, I trying to figure out a way of not working over forty hours a week.. At least I have not seem my rheumatologist in the last few months so I don't have him telling me I do to much again.. I love my job(s) that I do but I am so tired that when (or if sometimes I go two three weeks with out day off at times) I just spend the day in bed trying to get rested up so I will have enough energy to make it through the next week or so.. Plus my son and hubby are leaving this weekend to go skiing I will be hauling wood in to keep warm at night..It is going to be a long month..
I hope veryone is doing well out there, my wish for today is to have one pain free day I still pray for it every day.. God bless
xperky responded:
Hi. The changing and cold weather really is rough for me too. Sometimes I wonder why I hurt so bad and then I realize it wasn't what I did, it was the weather!

Have a nice, quiet weekend. Get the guys to pile up the wood before they go, and enjoy the warmth.
With Compassion,

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