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back muscle strengthening
Marylyce posted:
I have been having a little more back pain lately from FM. This seems like a dumb question but has anyone ever tried strengthening your back muscles and having good results that keep the pain in your back at bay? I do back strengthening exercises but it doesn't seem like my back is much better. I was thinking about hiring a personal trainer at the gym to show me back muscle strengthening.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I have found that doing core work can help with the back. Strengthening your stomach muscles can better support your back. I still have the usual FM pain but the back isn't quite as agonizing.
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xperky responded:
I had physical therapy for lower back pain. The exercises were for the core muscles. I started feeling better in a few days of doing the exercises! Very effective and easy, gentle moves. I did them in bed to have a softer surface than the floor.
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