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Handicap Stickers.
SilverDove7 posted:
Has anyone here tried for one and been turned down? If you were turned down what reasons were you given. Do you think people that suffer with fibromyalgia should have one?

CozyTime responded:
I've never been turned down. Get the form at DMV or online depending on your stat. My first was for two broken feet. The second year I filled out everything I could and took it to the Dr visit. He asked why did I want him to sign it. I said I hurt so bad and I'm so weak and tired from the CFS and fibro. I've had one since 2000. I made sure I chkd permanent not temp in the box. Then dropped it off.

It came a week later. A blessing
booch007 responded:
Good morning,
There was a form (here in NY) that my neurologist filled out. I asked for it when I was no longer able to go to the mall during the holidays to shop. The parking and size of the mall was too much for my legs. I couldn't carry the bags either.

I got my sticker no problem and just re-upped it. Once the form is written as permanenet (and so sad to say that is what they say we are) you just bring the old one(when it outdates) and they give you a new one.

Still use it for bad days, after shots, grocery shopping.....BUT and I repeat BUT....when I get out of the car I limp a bit! (I am in NY and if you look so good getting can get into it with someone) Though it is no one's mind to know what is wrong with me.....It is just protective on my part.

So ask the doc, mine had the form. If your doesn't have it I got my sticker at our town hall.....the town clerk registers them.

Good luck, we need all the help on bad days we can get....if we have to go out and BE in the world. Nancy B
SilverDove7 replied to booch007's response:
My doc turned me down because she said it is good for me to walk..walking and excercising is good for people with fibro.
booch007 replied to SilverDove7's response:
This is true and I am moving like a train...when I can move! It is wrong to ask someone who is in a flare or who delevops our "OUT OF GAS" try and push the muscles during that time.

I work full time and do alot, I feel high functioning with a great attitiude.....I do not use this sticker unless I am in a bind, bad day...after shots to be kind, especially before grocery shopping one of my biggest triggers for a recoil of muscles......

I am sorry your physician feels this way. My presentation was after about 3 years of shots and exacerbation issues. My frustration at holding me back to doing or going certain places. Her job is to keep me working adn moving to my best and I think she knows I am *trying my best to not surrender to this dang disease.(malady).

I feel bad for you. Approach it again in the future. Maybe around the holidays with the shopping we do for families and the pain youpresent with after the parking issueGood luck, Nancy B
Anon_2912 replied to SilverDove7's response:
I agree with your doctor to some extent....

I personally park very far from entrances but for me it is to keep my body moving, every little bit works for me. I don't care how long it takes me to get inside I do it at my pace.

For me I have to keep my body moving, that is why I still work. Now sometimes when I get home from work I just relax on the couch & take it easy for the evening, but I can NOT just become immobile.

I don't excercise, but I do a lot of walking at work. I think he has helped me mentally to keep my body moving.

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