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    A Poet's Loss of Words
    Seattlemeg posted:
    What I hate the most about the random Brain Fog is not being able to think of the right word. I am and have been a poet and writer for a long time now. When I KNOW what I want to say and know I know the words, but can't get them out or can't say the right one... I despise that. It makes me want to scream, because it makes me feel inadequate and stupid when I know I'm not. I actually cussed at dinnerware several weeks ago because I couldn't recall the word "ramekin". I was reduced to "the little white ceramic pieces of $#!t you bake stuff in". Stuff. I'm reduced to "stuff"? Even in my most eloquent phases, I cannot describe the level of frustration this brings.
    DakotaWilsonFM responded:
    I too am a writer and have been a published writer for won contests and been published in their books... I started working on a book 3 years ago and when the fog hit and I lost the power of concentration I feel like I lost a big part of myself... I have tried to write and can't even keep a diary up...

    I have had true writers block since my husband dies... I tried to start a diary again but just couldn't do it... Guess I am just not ready...

    Then too we have this dragon and other illnesses sometimes to face everyday... and it take a toll on us and a lot of struggle at times... Just keep plugging try to write a little everyday even if it makes no sense... It will someday just flow right out of you... just relax and let it flow...

    take care... dakota
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Seattlemeg,
    I understand your frustration! I have written creatively since age 11, and have always done well at it. But between the Fibro plus a hairline skull fracture/TBI back in July 2010 (I was dxed with Fibro in November 2010) I have had significant difficulties with my creative writing. There is a "wall" between my brain and my pen that won't let the words come out easily.

    I found purely by accident a month ago that if I listen to any type of instrumental music when I write, my words will flow like they used to before the TBI. Somehow the music erases the wall. I'm not sure how it happens or why, but I'm delighted. I was thinking I'd have to give up building my web site because I couldn't write the same. Now I can write again.

    I still have to watch the typos, though---since the head injury, my brain will say I'm typing the words forwards, but when I proofread them a third of the words are scrambled. Guess I can't do much about that, but as long as I can write, I don't care. Maybe music will help you too. It's worth a try, no?
    Fibrofog64 responded:
    I am not a write of any sort, but I too hate the Fibrofog. I am a special education teacher and there are times I can't remember the verbage to use just to finish the education plans.

    Then there is trying to teach. I really worry about how long I will be able to stay teaching.
    xperky responded:
    I understand not being able to find the word.

    Something humorous - I've got a special word for when I can't remember the name of a thing. It's "yabus." Silly. But my DH knows I'm substituting "yabus" for the "stuff" word, so I can get the sentence out...LOL.

    I don't think your poetry will be at all enhanced with "yabus" in there though. I hope Angelswife's idea about music in the bachground helps you be creative again.
    With Compassion,
    CozyTime replied to xperky's response:
    XPERKY I'm going to try and remember a simply, ha ha, word and try your method. I get so upset I start waving my hand in a come here motion and my husband seems to think I'm suddenly playing charades-sp? Gosh we all know the word is often in the mind but won't travel to my mouth. HATE IT. It really happens when I'm in a poor sleep cycle or a lot of pain.

    My husband will also say the correct word if I say train and meant car. That bugs me. You know we don't have a train. Don't you think they should just go with the flow? My girlfriend always did. But she had fibro so??
    CozyTime responded:
    I like Angels idea of singing. We know it helps people who suffer from a stutter and singing can be used as therapy .

    I myself journel alot and write poetry. If I get stuck on a word I end up getting very stressed out. I take a piece of paper and describe the word. Anything will help me. Is it equipment , a certain color, what's it used fori etc then whichever I was working on the next day I'll read my notes and wonder why I couldn't get that word out. It's then easy for me to continue.

    Let us know if singing helps. It may be a different section of the brain and thus work. Who knows its fibro...
    CozyTime replied to DakotaWilsonFM's response:
    Dakota, glad to see you showing up more. Hope your hanging in there the best you can.

    If you can get your words out this is a great time to journal or write. Glad to see you more often. Take care
    Old1now replied to Fibrofog64's response:
    Every semester I have to teach a new group of students to fill in words for me. It's embarassing but they get used to me waving my hand, using pantomine and talking around the word with description. After awhile it just gets funny. It's who I am and how I am and most of them accept it. I have learned to accept it too most of the time. It's harder with new people.
    booch007 replied to Old1now's response:
    This is a big key here. Accepting it, it is there and we all drop words and look foolish.

    As long as we can laugh about it. Learning to laugh at yourself is BIG in lifes lessons. Approach it in humility and someone will always help.....

    I see what I want to say and then the mouth is just hanging out waiting.......lagging behind. Poop is a good word to fill it in! Nancy B

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