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    CozyTime posted:
    Mine started out the norm with gerber daisies one of my favorites. Then off to the eye Dr to hear good news I don't need surgery yet. YAHOO! We then helped a couple stranded in the parking lot, married for 56 yrs. they were so sweet to each other. Loaned them my phone to call AAA (22' brr) and then we went into my favorite little bistro with a bakery.

    The best heartwarming gift was I got my husband to talk about his family and growing up in Hawaii This was major. Then when I got home I read he's cute card about sometimes it's a roller coaster ride.

    He then wrote we will always take that ride side by side. You are the essence of my life. Our love will just get stronger please stop thinking i could love you less because your sick i love and care more because your doing your best and your laughing again

    May you get stronger each day and if not I'll still be by your side learning how to do laundry

    Really touched my heart. Had been feeling a little unworthy of love with all these migraines, shingle outbreaks, CFS & fibro pain from the snow and - temps. He reassured me 100%. I'm so content today.

    I hope you all got messages of caring and support.

    Please share with us. If you didn't I'm sending A touch on your shoulder and a smile your Way! . Take care everyone
    angelswife responded:
    Husband brought home a single rose and a huge, heart-shaped "I Love You" balloon. It is floating in the living room and the cat keeps giving it nervous looks (it's bigger than she is).

    I gave Husband a nice card that promised him I'd always be there, and I wrote him a letter and tucked it inside the card. He actually cried when he read it. I told him to put the letter in his wallet and keep it with him and he did...He has been feeling bad about his ex wife putting us in such financial straits; and my letter said in part it's not the money that matters; it's HIM. I think he got the message.

    Last night we had a candlelight dinner in the living room...I cooked scallops, wild rice and fresh broccoli for him. I am allergic to scallops, so I had chicken nuggets, lol...We ate dinner with soft music playing; then we sat and talked until he had to leave for a meeting. It was a beautiful time.

    This morning I stumbled into the living room and found two potted Amaryllis bulbs sitting on the table, next to a small bag of candy hearts...I've got the best husband in the world!
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    These sound lovely and really made me smile.

    I'm not living with the person in my life so we celebrated last weekend, spending time together, and also with both my sons and their families which was great!

    He got me a really beautiful, well-chosen card that touched me deeply, a stuffed dog and some chocolates. I got him a BIG balloon in the hopes it would make him smile every time he saw it in his own home for the next few weeks and his favorite chocolates, and yesterday called his home phone while he was at work and left a dorky voice mail with my laughing and singing a favorite song of his (I'm a TERRIBLE singer but he loves it).

    Best part of Valentine's is how my sons celebrated... my older son and DIL took their kids out to dinner (that's what happens when you have young children and little money), and my younger son celebrated with a very special new woman in his life, spoiling her rotten. Made HIM completely happy.

    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    xperky responded:
    When my hubby saw how tired I was after cooking cake and dinner all afternoon, he got up to do the dishes, all on his own!

    He really is understanding this FM of mine, and lets me know how much he appreciates my extra efforts - often.

    No gifts this year, as money is scarce here but lots of expressions of love and warm wishes for each other.

    It's nice to hear how others shared their day! Nice sentiments.

    For those who didn't share with a Valentine, I hope your day was pleasant too.
    With Compassion,

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