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Some times I wonder....
SilverDove7 posted:
Some times I have to wonder if the symptoms we all expierence are from the fibro or from the meds we do you seperate the two?

crazytaurenswife responded:
In my case, none of my FM symptoms are caused by meds. The only things I've taken up until a week or so ago have been meds for inflammation and pain.
dollbug responded:
Hello SilverDove...MiMi in NC....I am one of the FMers here who does not take any medications for my FM....I do take vitamins and supplements....and I still have symptoms of FM....I also use other things as well...and I have managed to keep my pain levels down....but the chronic still a major problem for me...

I do not know what you are taking....and if you have done any research on what you are taking...if you have questions about this though....I would certainly talk to your doctor about it...

Take care and good luck...


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fontanille responded:
Hi Sabrina, I know some of my symptons are from meds.

I have headaches from one medication and sleepiness from another. Even though I have side effects from these meds, they have helped me so much with my pain.

SilverDove7 replied to fontanille's response:
Well I seen a post on here that someone made called Daily symptoms. Are those or the symptoms we have caused by our Ffibromyalgia or could they be a side affect of our meds whatever meds we take? How do you know the difference?

xperky responded:
It helps me to keep a brief diary of symptoms with Excel. I made a table that includes today's date, symptoms, activities (or lack thereof ) and what medicines I took.

Once in a while I will review it to check my progress. It is pretty easy to see how the medicines affect my days. For instance, I saw that when I took a full dose of Zolpidem, I would note how tired and foggy I felt the next day. I then tried half a dose, and saw improvement in my diary.

I started the table of symptoms before my diagnosis so I could have some information for my doctors. It really helped me organize my thoughts and prioritize my symptom list for them.

I have seen different FM symptoms take the lead off and on.

It is helpful for me to review the list when in a flare. It gives me hope to see that most days are not as bad as the flare days, and I cope a little better.

I recommed a short and simple symptom diary for everyone. It's especially helpful when trying a new medicine.
With Compassion,

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