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Hey Dr. P And FMily---Had A Question
angelswife posted:
Hi Dr. P and FMily,

I was talking with a friend yesterday (she is a Naturopath) and she shared her viewpoint on Fibro. I found it interesting, but wanted your take on it, since we all deal with it...She said that Fibro is "just" a catchy name for something that no one has figured out; but in her opinion it is "simply" the result of having spent most of one's life in a fight-or-flight mode. She said living like this overstresses the adrenals, which triggers an overactive immune response, which leads to the inflammation and pain we call Fibro. (I know Fibro isn't inflammatory, though). She said "all" I have to do is bring the fight-or-flight and immune responses under control, rebuild my adrenals, and I will be cured. I think I know better, but...

What are your thoughts? I'm assuming there's some truth to what she said since she's a Naturopath; but I wanted to get your take before I run out to buy everything she told me to. She said I "have to" get a bunch of things right away. I am proceeding with caution---thank you!

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dollbug responded:
Hello angelswife....CURED? are kidding...right?

Dr. P would have certainly told us this by now...IF there was a cure for the wrath of the dragon....

Interesting though that you have brought up the inflammatory part....I have always "thought" that yes...this is part of FM....and I also think that the with this...keeping it under "control"...if there is such a thing...

I will also admit this....that I was "always on the go"....doing this or that or something else....and I know that I was under stress....

But a cure? Nope...I do not buy this at all...she is a salesperson....which should "answer" most of what she has told you....

Take care and proceed with caution....I voted NO...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
angelswife replied to dollbug's response:
Thanks, Mimi---I felt the same way; but there was that little part of me that hoped...I know you understand that.

I figured if there was any part of what she said that was medically sound, this would be the place to have it confirmed. The FMily knows what's what!
dollbug replied to angelswife's response:
Angelswife....I do understand....and I think we all have "hope".....I know I certainly do....years back....I wondered IF I would ever feel better....and I can tell you this....that I am so much better than I was back I truly thought at one point and time that my time was limited....very limited...

I also think that there are people who perhaps are really trying to help others with this...You did not say whether or not the person has FM....I am assuming the answer is no....and as you well know...we are not the same...what helps one may or may not help others...perhaps she has suggested something to you that might help you cope better...but certainly not "cure" it....

I will be interested in knowing what Dr. P's or Dr. Margaret's comment will be....

I hope you will feel better today....take it easy...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
teelady1 responded:
I answered "partly true" because I have seen the theory about being stuck the the "flight" mode before in a book that I read. "Figuring Out Fibromyalgia" by Ginevra Liptan, M.D. Dr. Liptan doesn't say anything about a "cure" or that Fibro is called that because it's really something else.
crazytaurenswife responded:
I, personally, would disagree with a lot of what she said. But, I also know that being in fight-or-flight mode for a long period of time *does* cause a lot of physical pain and can increase FM symptoms. I spent a large portion of my life under that kind of stress, but it had stopped for years before I started having FM symptoms.

While I know, no matter how much we may wish it were otherwise, that FM can't be cured (at least not yet). And as MiMi said, trying out what she suggests may help you to cope better, so it may be something you would want to try at some point. If it were me, I think the decision on whether or not to try what she suggests would be based on whether or not I could afford to try it and have it not work...not just financially, but mentally/emotionally. Sometimes trying one more thing and having it not work is just one disappointment too many.

I hope I've made some sense here. This has been my second morning in a row when the kids & DH were all up & needing my attention before I was able to make my tea.

~air hugs~

lb707 replied to crazytaurenswife's response:
I have had personal experience with Naturopathy treatment..... I am definitely a person who lived in flight or fight mode for years.

For years my PCP was a Naturopath, she had no intention of curing fibro. Yes we did try to work on the adrenals and various other things to do with nutrition and diet. She always told me I was in more pain than I admitted to myself and I needed more sleep. She is encouraged me to work with my Medical Dr. on pain control and sleep issues.....and she was instrumental in me getting SSI.

I am offended at any medical person who wants to suggest fibro can be is chronic and can be managed.

clkwc1964 responded:
I am living proof of this if it is true but the cure part not sure about that. But I'll tell you this if there is any truth to that surely everyone would want a piece of that action. Cat:0)
Anon_10089 replied to clkwc1964's response:
I think the adrenals can be involved in FM as part of a kind of generalized body disfunction. We know there's a link with the autonamic system and its regulation of hormones. But I had symptoms of FM since childhood and lived in a very loving secure home (no physical/emotional trauma or abuse). So why would I have been in "flight-or-flight" at that age?

This naturpath sounds like she has good intentions but I wonder if she's actually treated anyone with FM. What would be her thoughts when, after treatments, the person still had symptoms? Some of her treatments might very well help, but we all know there is no cure.
angelswife replied to Anon_10089's response:
You are right...she does seem to know what she was talking about; but she had also commented that no medical doctor had ever figured out what caused Fibro but she had. She is a friend so I know her intentions were good. I just wasn't sure about jumping into treating my adrenals, etc. when last year's bloodwork had shown them to be normal. My thyroid was a hair low but my MD wanted to see if it would fix itself before he did anything. That was the only thing he commented on.

(SIGH)...guess I can keep her suggestion as an option if my adrenals are ever out of whack. Thanks for all the input!
booch007 replied to angelswife's response:

When I was diagnosed with the Gluten Intolerance....(and man am I intolerant!) It was a naturopath, he then looked at the Fibro (which I wasn't labeled yet) He diagnosed me with Adrenal fatigue from the years of "Fight n Flight in the ICU in crisis....he was going to give me "sheeps adrenals" I took the bottle and paid for it, but never swallowed a pill.....

He said I don't know how to take you off it, if we start with it.

Well, tell me that and I am not starting it! Plus I was really wasn't going with that interpretation of my problem......It was years of little sleep, diarrhea and all that stress, but then why didn't every resident under my watch get this too?? I worked 3 days a week and they were under the gun for years and everyday....all the physicians would have this!

SO, it is a theory and they also mean well, as do our medical physicians. Always hoping tis is OUR YEAR and they get the answers this year! Some one some where is working on it!

(Just like it is is 5 o'clock p.m. somewhere in the you can party!! )

Glad you are venturing out to look inot other avenue for health. It is the sum of ALL that can help put Humpty Dumpty back together again!!

Hugs, Nancy B
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi Angelswife,

We all have our opinions on fibro, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves that fibro is very complex and the facts and opinions often get muddied. Sometimes people have opinions on facts! This past week, 2 well trained doctors offered me their "opinions" on fibro. One said: "In my opinion, fibromyalgia does not exist." And the other one said, "I don't believe that trauma can lead to fibromyalgia."

It's really not a matter of who's right or who's wrong, (You and I are right, of course ), or whether there is even an answer. It's about the ongoing effort at the most important treatment for fibro (in my opinion, of course): Education!

We with fibro need to continuously educate ourselves so we understand and know all we can about this condition. Then we know whether our colleagues, friends, or doctors even, are voicing opinions instead of known, researched fibro facts. We will also recognize when someone is stating an "opinion" that may be contrary to known fibro info.

So....let me recap a few fibro conclusions known to all those who live with it, treat it, research it, and hope to find a cure someday:

TRUE: Fibro is a real, legitimate condition.

FALSE: Fibro is just a catchy name. (Acually, fibro is a catchy nickname, Fibromyalgia is a boring clinical name, IMO!)

TRUE: No one has completely figured out fibro yet.

TRUE: We know a LOT about fibro already and continue to learn a lot more.

TRUE: One of the main abnormalities in fibro is an overactive sympathethic nervous system ie chronic "fight or flight" mode.

TRUE: The adrenal glands are affected in fibro, as part of the HPA-axis (stands for hypothalamus-pituatary-adrenal axis)

TRUE: Immune dysfunctions are common in fibro.

FALSE: Fibro causes inflammation

TRUE: Trauma can trigger fibro to develop

FALSE: Fibro can be cured

TRUE: Fibro can be successfully treated and managed

TRUE: We hope it will be cured someday

FALSE: This is the end of my post

TRUE: I'm Dr. P

TR-^F-A_#UE**LSE _- MAYB>@E ???(computer error): I'm a fibro expert
dollbug replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
Hi Dr P.....thanks for being we all appreciate you sharing your medical knowledge with the FMily....and keeping some of us on track here...

Interesting how in the day and time of medical technology that there are still doctors who question that the wrath of the dragon is they think that we are just pretending to be this way? Well....I got news for them....I will gladly let anyone who would like to take mine....have it...FREE...anytime, anyplace....I will GIVE it away.....

We do appreciate you and Dr. Margaret also....

Take care and thanks again....


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
angelswife replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
Ha---thanks, Dr. P---you had me laughing. I love your sense of humor!

I also appreciate you taking the time to sort fact from fiction. That tells me she was correct about some things, but not about the cure (SIGH!). I mean, I knew better about that, but---a gal can have hope, can't she?

I would say you're an expert---you have Fibro and you treat it. How many books have you written now?
booch007 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:

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