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hey dr. p!
Lauralizzie01 posted:
have a question for you! i used to live in wooster, but have rcently moved to northern michigan, where i can find nobody experienced with fm. is it worth my time to schedule an appt with you and make a trip down too see my famiy? guess im not sure one appt even every six months would help but what do you think?
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi Lauralizzie01,

Once a Buckeye, now a Wolverine?! I bet you will always be a Buckeye!

I see people from all over and have managed not to find a cure for fibro regardless of what state someone hails from!

Realistically, a person who sees me from outside of my "treatment territory" can expect a one time approx 45 min evaluation and review of my findings, and discussion of treatment options and goals, and a hopeful plan to follow through with your local doctor. It's not practical for me to be able to treat/manage fibro in someone who lives out of state.

Visiting family can be theraputic for fibro, I bet! Let me know if you want to work out something. Don't forget to bring your fibro with you if you decide to travel back to Ohio!

Dr. P
booch007 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
Again, such a card! You are I think the funniest doc I know, there is a vascualr guy that comes in second....but Dr. P. I wish more had your humor. (wonder if this was honed by FM in YOUR life ??).

Thanks for being here, again and again.............Nancy B
Mark Pellegrino, MD replied to booch007's response:
Hey Nancy B,

I just called you Super-Nurse on another post.

Thanks for your kind words You are such a sweetheart! And you are definitely funny!

If you can't get rid of fibro, laugh at it?! Maybe if I keep up with my corny stuff, my fibro will realize what a mistake it made with me...and just leave!

Dr. P
booch007 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
Sense of humor and distraction are my largest PILLS....and they are free from insurance oversight! NO CO-PAY!!!!

Hugs to you! Nancy B
Lauralizzie01 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
lol.... yeah im def a buckeyes fan! although ill root for msu since my gparents are alumni! i will def. dicuss this with my pcp!

and as for visiting family being GOOD for fibro, not to sure, but the friennds make up for it and the eight hour drive too! plus a dr appt in there means i could use sick time for a visit lol!
jennagale76 responded:
I travel 3 hours to see Dr. P, and stay with my mom when I have appts. There are no experts where I live in SE OH, so it's worth it to me to go to someone who understands. And if anyone understands, it's Dr. P. However, I usually end up in a flair when I go because of sitting in the car for so long. It's still worth it. Northern MI is a much farther drive, so I don't know what I would do in your situation. Good luck!

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