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    Everyone be careful doing early Spring yard stuff!
    xperky posted:
    Well, I think I posted a similar discussion last Spring, lol. Yesterday I trimmed a whole bunch of shrubs. It was so nice to be outside in the beautiful warm weather, with my cat. So nice to accomplish a job that needed doing so badly...

    But today...I can barely move without getting nauseous. I tossed and turned all night with each and every tender spot not wanting any pressure on it.

    So, all you who love to get out and work in the yard, and have been waiting for a nice Spring day to do it - do just a little bit at a time! Please, don't be silly like I was and overdo it.

    Lesson re-learned, over and over - pace, pace, pace...
    With Compassion,
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Margaret.....MiMi in will bite you each and every time....sooner or later....we, FMers, tend to learn....but I think on occasion we all "forget" before it is too late....

    It is hard to stop especially if you are having a good day...and have a lot to do....

    I hope you will feel better soon...

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Hope you are feeling better today, Margaret---you are right, it's not easy to stop! I tried pacing myself yesterday and was mostly good; we'll see if I can keep it up. There is so much to do here!
    maggiethedoglover replied to angelswife's response:
    It's been gorgeous in Wisconsin and I have been enlisting the grandkids to help remove all of the leaves that got left last fall. So far, we have 11 bags (3 are theirs). It is hard to stop because every handful of leaves removed from the garden means more beauty for everyone to see. So far, we have blooming: crocus, glories of the snow, miniature and full daffodils and narcissus, dutch iris and those little, squarish, purple flowers that come with the ground cover. I'll think of the name hours after I post this.

    After spending all of Saturday, I paid for it on Sunday but the garden is coming to life because of the efforts! This early spring has been a gift to treasure. Hope many of you are enjoying it also.

    Soft hugs,


    Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
    xperky replied to dollbug's response:
    MiMi, I will learn this lesson sooner or later! I kind of knew I was asking for trouble when I decided to trim just one more section...

    Today was better, and hopefully tomorrow will be even better.
    With Compassion,
    xperky replied to angelswife's response:
    angelswife, I read you are planning a nice area around your deck. You have so much strength to be able to move railroad ties! I bet your little spot on Earth will be more beautiful after you tackle this project.
    With Compassion,
    xperky replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
    Maggie, I'm glad you are appreciating the Spring beauty. I used to live in Vermont, and the first flowers poking through the snow were so exciting after the long, long winters!

    With Compassion,
    clkwc1964 responded:

    I do the same thing. The problem is I love it but my body just cannot do the same things or the same intensity as it use to be able to. I have suffered the last 2-3 weekends for overdoing. I love my yard and flowers/plants though. My dear husband has been on a exercise kick lately and we both really worked hard in the yard. I am so happy though that he finally decided to lose weight and incorporate exercise into his life. I am very proud of him. We both want to be in good shape for the summer cause we have a wedding to go to. Cat :0)
    xperky replied to clkwc1964's response:
    Cat, that's great, to be exercising more. I wish my DH would make that decision too! He would feel so much better in the long run.

    It's nice to look fit in those wedding photos that will be around for ages!

    Enjoy the yard. I know I'm admiring those trimmed shrubs of mine...LOL.

    I felt pretty good yesterday, but somehow not as good today. It's a process. I'm already planning my next to-do list for the yard. I'll try to be smarter though.
    With Compassion,
    angelswife replied to xperky's response:
    My DH won't exercise much either; and he hates doing yardwork, lol. He is a great one for coming up with projects for me to tackle, though. I was out yesterday when he got in from work, and he came up with a "great idea" for me to run a drainage trench along the front of the deck and down through the yard. I have been doing this a bit at a time anyway; but the soil is so bad it takes a pickaxe to break it up. At this rate I should be in great shape by the time my spring cleanups start.

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