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    Dr. Oz show on Fibro ?
    LezaPain posted:
    Hi Everyone !
    I have all 18 presure points of pain. Started with severe pain in my shoulders and the pain then causes a headache from my neck to my forehead (24/7). I have the beggining of carpol tunel from clintching my hands so tight at night while sleeping that my hands go numb and my wrists hurt so badley. My toes also go numb and it hurts to stand on my feet from the pain; if I am on my feet too much (More than an hour on my feet // I am not working right now due to I am a new home sales rep. // My job of course these last 3 yrs have been more than stressfull ). I also have had 5 bladder infections in 7 months. I have brain fog from not being able to sleep more than 3 hours at a time and the meds leave me feeling foggy and dizzy. If I let myself over do it....then I get chest pains / anxiety / panic attacks. I have found that if I jacuzzi, Heat therapy, Aquatic therapy, cat naps, very little stress, and the med that my dr. prescribed "helps". My sister in law just sent me the link to Dr. Oz's show about Fibro...He had another Dr. on the show that noted some patients have found that "D5 Ribose (vitamin)" // "Melatonin" // Diet with "No" wheat,dairy or nuts may help...Anyone else tried any of these ?
    Leeza :) Hope you get better soon !
    deansmimi responded:
    Hi Leeza, Do you think you could post the link that your
    sis-in law sent you. It sure would be appreciated. It must
    be so hard to have to work with this pain. God Bless!

    Thanks, Marie
    LezaPain replied to deansmimi's response:
    Hi Marie,
    I just posted the links...Thanks for catching my mistake. Foggy head /ummmmmmmm. I am not able to work yet with where I am in trying to find the right dose of meds. Really not sure if I will be able to go back to work with the kind of stress my line of work demands.

    Thank Again & Hope your having a good day
    Leeza :) Hope you get better soon !
    Cammiesgran responded:
    I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for 10yrs plus and tried a variety of treatments. Vitamin D does play a role in my treatment. My levels were dangerously low and I now take a large dose monthly but it took me months to bring it into normal range. It's a simple blood test and worth your time. Massage is a benefit, but deep tissue massage is too painful, I usually am in pain the next day. I also have foot pain. A good trick is to take a tennis ball and roll your foot over it gently at first and after some time adding a bit more pressure. This will relax those tendons in the soles of your feet, it sure helps me. Good nutrition and rest are very important but so is activity, do a little, sit a little. Work at whatever the task, it's not going anywhere. Find a dr. And develop a good relationship, that's very important also. I am proud to say I ride horses, continue to crochet ( with bit of carpal tunnel) , and enjoy a great farm life. Hope this helps! Cammiesgran
    booch007 replied to deansmimi's response:
    I didn't see your link here, but was so interested to see the TV take on this. I googled Dr. Oz and found the show....put a search for FM and found a plethora of information he has done on this.

    There is a slew of Mt Sinai (medical center) assistance for every question you can have as well.

    Those of us that have had this for so long.....there is little new here. WE ARE (this board) the best source of information and discussion.

    I am happy to hear Dr. Oz say we are real!

    I was happy to see the audience were FM women and listening and sharing on TV. Sorry I missed the show. Maybe DVRing should be Dr Oz and Not Ellen Degenerous (they are on at the same time here) I use her for good laughter....I can cry at times with the funny things she does.

    So, thanks for informing us Dr Oz had a spot on our issues.
    It was an interesting read and video watch............Nancy B
    jennagale76 responded:
    LezaPain~ you might want to research interstitial cystitis if you're having that much bladder trouble. I was misdiagnosed for years before a Dr. finally told me I had ic, not bladder infections.
    katmandulou responded:
    It sounds like you have fascial tissue issues. I have plantar fasciitis, an inflammation in the fibrous tissue that holds up the bottom of the foot. (There is similar tissue in the hands, too.) PF is caused by overworking the foot without supporting the arch. I'm skeptical of your carpal tunnel being caused by clenching your fist, but CP is also caused by overuse.

    It sounds like you need a good orthopedist or sports medicine doc to teach you how to work better with your body. I have a great podiatrist to get me through the PF.

    Some people have told me that I need a "low acid" diet. Not that you can't eat acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus, but foods that don't become acidic in your system, and that includes sodas, breads and meat. Google "low acid diet" for information. It's not something I could manage, but it could help.

    LezaPain replied to jennagale76's response:
    Hi jennagale76,
    I see the best internest in southern CA & he sent me to a top urologist who did do a CT scan. It looks like I am having a aallgery to my husband. I am now on a low dose of antibiotics. It seems to have helped. I will be seeing her soon and will ask hher about interstitial cystitis and see what she thinks.
    Thanks for the info.........
    Leeza :) Hope you get better soon !
    LezaPain replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hi KatmanduLou,
    I have seen the best ortho dr. in southern CA and also a dr that did some nerve testing. I curl my hands into them selves and I also clintch my hands so tight that I leave finger nail marks in the palms of my hands. I now wear braces on my hands especially at night and during the day. It helps at night from clintching so tightly. I am seeing my primary this week and will see what he thinks. Thanks for the info
    Leeza :) Hope you get better soon !
    Pharmacist_Wessam responded:
    first..l hope u r fine ..hope u easy life with less pain..
    I'm a pharmacist..and have fibromyalgia too like you

    but I nearly managed it well alhamdu le a very great extent..

    Plz take my advices ..I tried them all with a great success
    1.let your daily activities gradual not all in same day
    2.start ur day by warm shower
    3.keep ur self away from cold as u can healthy raw veg. And fruits. .a handful of almond only oat with raw fruits...less salt .prevent canned food stuffs. .and fried ones..use instead oven food..steamed recipes..fresh juices
    5.when feel tired stop ur action but not at all coz more rest increase ur will be only painful at first but really believe me ..u will be better
    6.finally for fibro.fog only 2 medicines is okay
    Vinpocetin ..and sertraline those r the generic names but trade names r ..vinporal tab. And lustural tab. Respectively
    U can ask ur physician for doses suitable for you. .
    For me only 2 tab.vinporal and 1 tab lustural is really enough..
    U can take also multi vitamins
    7 . Finally u can take neurazan plus cap. From vitabiotic company site.. only once they r natural source 4 sertraline this substance increases the level of ur serotonin that is responsible for ur feeling good ..happy..less painful..

    8.finally try to do some light exercises as u can bear

    Best wishes for you..with a very good life
    camella1 replied to LezaPain's response:
    Hi Leeza,

    I just posted a ? to the group asking if anyone else clenched their hands. I just started doing this. I wake up with my hands clenched into claws and put them under my body to straighten them out. Please let me know what doctors say.


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