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Question for Doc. P
goredbirdsgo posted:
I have a few questions about some things. I am currently taking 30 mg amitriptolyne & 20 mg Cymbalta. I have your book "Fibro UpClose & Personal. In the book there is a suggestion for Fibro-care by To Your Health. Do you still recommend this? Also To Your Health has replaced "Sleep Formula" with "Valerian Rest." What are your thoughts on this new product?
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:

I know the author of that book very well. I hear he's very funny and extremely intelligent

I hope your meds are helping, along with your quest to educate yourself about fibro...good job!

I think magnesium supplements can be very helpful in many with fibro and I still recommend this supplement often to my patients. I encourage those who are not my patients to research the possible benefits of Mg in fibro and discuss with their doctor.

Many products are available for natural sleep, and many companies are out there. As you've read from my writings outside of this forum, I have found certain products and a certain company that I am comfortable recommending to my patients. I'm sure your research will help you as your continue to learn about anything that might help you better manage your fibro!

Dr. P
Mizgoodie replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
I am so excited to come across this post. I have about given up of ever finding someone to treat me that actually knows what we are going through. I have been to so many different doctors and tried somany different kinds of treatments I generally end up suffering while they yet "experiment" with something else. I have tried the magnesium and vitamin D therapy with no luck, also tons of other vitamin therapy, minerals, supplements and so on. At one time a doctor in Colorado had me taking 22 pills 3 times a day (supplements and vitamins). I got to the point I could not choke them down any more after a month. Not only were they expensive but very costly as well. I will definitely be grabbing some of your books to read. Thank you so much for giving me new hope!
goredbirdsgo replied to Mizgoodie's response:
The book is very helpful! Hope you get some answers/help that you are looking for. Wishing you lots of luck!
goredbirdsgo replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
Thank you for your reply! I've had some doctors tell me I can take over the counter sleep aids as much as I wnt and others have told me never to take them. It makes it all very confusing for me. I will definately do more research. Thank you for the encouragement!

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