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Wheat products
Mizgoodie posted:
Has anyone noticed extreme fatigue after eating wheat products. I had pizza yesterday and had to sleep for several hours afterwards from being absolutely exhausted to the point where I could not function. Has anyone else had this problem?
georgia888 responded:
I often feel this way after eating either wheat products or foods containing sugar or junk food of any kind. I generally eat very well but on occasion I treat myself with something that I shouldn't have. It seems I always pay for this. On the bright side, having such side effects from the wrong foods should keep us eating only the good stuff.

Listen to your body.

angelswife responded:
Hi Mizgoodie,
I can't eat wheat at all any more---if I do I always pay for it. The fatigue is much worse and I flare harder. I've found I do best on a high protein diet with a lot of salads. Wheat also aggravates the IBS.

I think very carefully (most of the time, lol) before indulging...I know the price I will pay if I do!

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