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    falling down?
    corndogsmom posted:
    Hello Everyone,
    I hope this post finds everyone having a good whatever holiday you practice.
    I have yet another question I need some help with. I don't know anyone else in Macon with fibro, so y'all are my support and answer group.
    I have started falling three to four times a day over the last month. Normally, I can get a hand down to catch myself but this morning I had to twist in all sorts of painful ways so I would not fall on my dog. I landed on my left hip and right shoulder. Yuck. I fell during my yearly check-up with my internest last week, plus I had a bad case of fibro fog, and I really scared her. My rheumatology appointment magically got moved from July to two days later. I fell twice at the rheumatologist's office. Plus, the fibro fog kicked in. At least, I made quite the impression. Now they want to do a complete neurological checkup on me.
    I don't fall every day, but I fall a lot more than I enjoy. Is this normal? Do the rest of you feel the urge to yell "timber" too? I haven't been able to find anything about falling in any of my fibro literature.
    I can't decide whether I should expect lousy balance the rest of my life, or if I have yet another condition. I am also bi-polar, which I would choose anyday over the fibro, but I find that if I think I might have a neurological condition, I almost don't care at this point. Too much is just plain too much. I'm too tired mentally and physically to work up the energy.
    I will admit though, I would feel somewhat better to know this is part of the fibro that no book, article, or doctor has told me about.
    I appreciate your help.

    Corndog's (the wonderful dog) Mom
    dollbug responded:
    Hello and welcome.....MiMi in NC.....sorry that you are not feeling better.....I did want to chime in on the falling not know IF it is FM related or not....but I will also tell you this much....I have fallen twice when I broke my wrist each time....and when I fell the first time I noticed that I was having balancing issues....sometimes I am dizzy....I try to watch myself and make sure that I have a grocery cart when I am out and about....even if I do not need it....I get one...just to be on the safe side....when I fell last fall and broke my left wrist....I was outside and I was trying to pick up a paper...when I bent down to get it....I was on a place which was not exactly level...and as I bent down I landed on the ground....instinct told me to try to stop my fall....which I did and since I had already broken the right wrist....I used my left hand this time....and broke it....I did not have time to even think about happened so fast....(I also have bad knees which might have been a factor too)

    So....with this being said....if I were you I would try to be extremely careful when you are doing anything....I think that FM does cause all sorts of weird things with us....
    maybe this has something to do with the fact that we are mentally tired most of the time....I have no idea...

    Anyway....if you find out anything about what might be causing this....please share with the rest of us...

    Be sure and check out the info under "tips" and "resources" might find some good info on things that you might also find to be helpful....

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    fibroinsd responded:
    I assume that your doctor checked your blood pressure?? Was it low??? I have been dealing with my dad from low blood pressure..and falling down...

    Sorry, I am not much more help here.

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    LJVK44 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    I have a lot of dizziness at times, and twice in the last month, I have been in the process of fainting when someone grabbed me. My head just starts spinning, I feel like I am closed in and then I start to go down. I am on treatment for high blood pressure, but on a very low dose med, so I know mine is not low pressure.

    I also find that if I look at the roof of my house or up at a tree, even when there is no eyes hurt and go out of focus. I have been checked by eye doctors, rheumatologists, urologists, orthopedic, neurologists, etc before being diagnosed with Fibro. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    painfullyexhausted replied to LJVK44's response:
    I too have balance problems and do get dizzy upon standing, kind of like when you get up to fast and get lightheaded. I have read somewhere (I research info all the time, really good articles on the web) that this can be a part of FM. It actually explains why, I can't remember (fibro fog) the exact reason but something to do with the nerves responding the opposite way which in return the muscles don't allow the blood flow to slowly compensate for standing up. It's more common with chronic fatigue but I have read a lot of blogs where other people say dizziness and balance issues are a part of their FM. Not sure if this was helpful but your not alone
    corndogsmom replied to dollbug's response:
    I hope you will be okay, and I will certainly let you know how the doctors respond to that question.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    You didn't mention your age or your meds you are taking? So a general statement would be that our meds can so be a culprit here.

    While on Cymbalta I had brain buzzes that also created a balance issue. Your fluid status is a factor, if dehydrated you are prone to low pressures and position changes can effect you. Meds for B/P plus the FM meds together can give you a vascular accomodation issue, that IF YOU MUST be on those have to protect yourself. Use a walker, a quad cane...anything to support you. Move slowly in position changes.

    Watch your fluid status, it all plays a role in this.

    For a check up neurology is a good start, people can have issues in the cerebellum and not know it, but also your ears can be a factor and ENT is the next stop.

    Most commonly it is our meds that get us in the "Look out below" terrritory. Polypharmacy is a field in itself to be sure that the meds are all getting along!

    Good luck and please protect yourself, take area rugs away from the floors, handles in the shower for holding on to.....nothing in your hands (both) when climbing the stairs...
    No slippers that are not shoe like (skuffies not allowed) flip flops.. It can be a WAR for some. Geez, with all we deal with DON'T BREAK ANYTHING TOO........Hugs, Nancy B
    crystalscats responded:
    I too have issues with falling. Thankfully I now live in a rancher, no stairs. But have one step outside to get onto the porch into our house. I have fallen many times on this darn one step! I have learned now to carry my cane with me. Like others I grab a cart at stores whether I need it or not. I need it for balance and to hold onto as I walk.

    I thought it was my bad knees getting worse. But I seem to trip over nothing? My son re-arraigned the furniture so had something to grab as move around the house. Only the kitchen is open, so who falls on the hard wood floor in there! I think FM does make us klutzy.

    Hope you feel better and know you are not alone! We all fall sometimes, it is the getting up again that counts!
    Old1now replied to crystalscats's response:
    Corndogsmom I just wanted to add my own experience. I lose my balance also, but most of the time I can grab something. I've started using a staff rather than a cane when I take walks. The extra.length helps me balance and also get to my feet after I sit down to rest. I think it's important to get checked out if this is new for you and will be interested in what you find out.
    jillylin responded:
    I fall and lose my balance a lot and considering I am a ballet dancer, I think I shouldn't be doing this. My physic does feel it's fibre related though.
    1Balance2 responded:
    Please describe what or how you feel before you fall. Do you have any warning or do you suddenly find yourself tipping over or taking funny-looking dance steps to re-balance? Poor balance is normal with FM, but your new onset is NOT. A neurological exam including MRI and/or other imaging to check for brain abnormalities (the big concern is multiple sclerosis). There is also other reasons, one very common and horribly under-recognized one is "ataxia", which has many forms but with FM it's the form that causes spacial perception disturbances (that's why we're clumsy and bump into everything). Ataxia is also poor muscle co-ordination, which is why we drop things, our vision can fluctuate, we stumble around like we're drunk when we're not. There is a special test a ENT dr can send you for called "vestibular testing" and it's intention is to rule in or out vertigo as well as determine how sensitive you are to changes in position. The dizziness others have mentioned is hypostatic tension, the opposite of high blood pressure and that is normal for FM too. For us, standing or moving too quickly causes a brief drop in pressure as our bodies don't adjust quite in time for the new position. I've been through all of this, so I'm not a "know it all" professional, I've just been put through all this stuff already. I guess 20 years of FM has a few perks after all...
    Applescrub replied to 1Balance2's response:
    Thank you so much 1Balance2!!!!!!! This is the information I have been looking for!! This is so helpful. I am sorry that you had to go through it to gain this knowledge but thank you.
    1Balance2 replied to Applescrub's response:
    Applescrub, you are quite welcome. I know how hard it is to find information, or to even know where to look or who to ask about what is normal, what might be the cause, and the biggest problem I've experienced with getting this information??? The DOCTORS are nearly un-educated, or minimally at most, about FM. What gets my ire up (sorry, that's an expression meaning it gets my defenses up) is when doctors and "specialists" tell me "oh, it's JUST your fibromyalgia". And that makes it okay? This is usually stated withouth any testing done or minor examination. They just write everything off to "just fm". Oh, I don't take that answer so easily now! Just to mention, I am a bit of a difficult patient in the eyes of many doctors because I ADVOCATE for myself and they just don't like patients who know something! We're supposed to be dumb and thank them for seeing us. 'fraid not with this old girl.

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