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How to treat muscle cramping and soreness
sadecakes posted:
I suffer from muscle pain all the time but lately my left calf has had a severe cramp in it that flares when use my left leg. It happens when I go up an incline or step off a step backwards landing on the toe of my left foot.

Does anyone have any suggestions for treating this? I've tried ice and hot packs, staying off it, stretches...what else can I do? It's impacting my mobility.

Also, I have ongoing increasing pain all over. I treat this pain w my meds which don't seem to have the impact they used to. I also take hot baths and showers, use a hot pad, apply pain creams and hot packs. I'm starting to exercise again adding to my stretchiing routine.

Any suggestions would be very helpful, thank you, Susan
crystalscats responded:
I have muscle cramps as well. Usually when in my calf it will be one side or the other at one time. My toes though, which happens a lot when I drive, are affected on both feet same time. I take Flexeril at night helps me sleep and helps from them cramping at night. I still get though when driving or other activities during the day. I do all the same things you are doing but if bad will take the muscle relaxer too during the day. I now make my son do most of my driving. Wish I could help but I have the same problems!
deansmimi responded:
Hi Susan,
When I have leg cramps or foot cramps, I buy Hylands ". Leg cramp" homeopathic pills at any drugstore or on the web.
Put 2 0r 3 pills under tongue, and very soon, " no pain".

I hope it works for you.


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