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Swallowing issues anyone?
ttrem posted:
I was diagnosed about 8 yrs ago with FM. In the last year I have noticed an increase of times I choke on my food or drink. Sometimes when I swallow it feels like there's a muscle or something twisting. I have asked an ENT and a GP if FM symptoms include swallowing problems. I was told no both times, but I really wonder. A few weeks ago it was almost a crisis - I passed out while choking. I woke up to my kids picking me up off the floor. I am not gulping my food - that's not the problem. The dr's I spoke to told me to slow down. I can't seem to get across to anyone that I'm not a human vacuum cleaner, I just seem to choke a lot. Does anyone else have this problem or any insights?
thenikki64 responded:
I am experiencing similar feelings but not as severe as yours. I 'choke' more frequently on liquids especially, and it seems like pills stick in my throat more often. I usually have to eat something to make that stuck pill feeling go away. I've never asked my doctors about it, just figured it was another one of those things. Passing out, that is scary. I wonder if they could do a barium swallow type test with flouroscopy (sp) to see how your motility is? I did one of those years ago looking at my stomach's emptying abilities. I hope you get some answers.
Pam in Savannah, GA
Fibrofog64 responded:
I also have problems swallowing. I don't choke, but sometime I can't swallow, even saliva. It's almost like I have forgotten how. there are also time that I have to stop everything and concentrate on getting the food to slide down.

I talked to my chiropractor and he said something about a ridged esophogas. I haven't done any other research. It use to really scare me. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to what I was eating. then I noticed that it was happening on a variety of foods and not all the time with the same food.

If anyone finds out more information, it would be interesting to know.
ksuch replied to Fibrofog64's response:
I have the problem with the pills and my thoat hurts down low. I figured it was part of the same issue - I'm sore in my neck and now the TMJ is back. I take meds for acid reflux, so I know it's not that.
foreversore responded:
I too have swallowing issues. My thyroid is enlarged so at first they thought that was what was causing me to choke on liquids. After having a swallow study done it was found that I have a neurogenic swallowing defect unrelated to my goiter. I was told to drink liquids through a straw and to put my chin to my chest prior to swallowing. As I have numerous bulging discs in my neck that is next to impossible so I just deal with the occasional choking.
Olliesluv responded:
I saw another post on swallowing and throat pain, I too have issues with swallowing. I have to eat chewable vitamins, no way I could swallow that huge pill! I also choke easily, food seems to get stuck a lot and I always choke and cough drinking liquids. I also have throat pain, my tongue swells at times, and I can't talk a lot or real loud cuz I'll lose my voice or at least be hoarse. I too feel like there's a twisting in a muscle in my throat, or sometimes it feels like a lump, but it's not all the time. My doctor says it's anxiety or when I'm having a bad spell and my muscles are all tightening and cramping, it can happen in throat muscles too. It's always better when I take my anxiety meds and be sure to eat and drink very slowly. sip water while you eat, very small sips between bites, that helps me.
booch007 responded:
Morning ttrem,

You can get a swallow study done through the GI office. It will assess the muscles and see if you DO have muscle dysfunction. Dysphagia is more common then you think.

If having raynauds is in there too. there is a syndrome called CREST that may answer the questions.

But I would see a GI doc and get it worked up. I have throat issues but it is a low grade tension that I feel and it is when I lay down. So try this as an avenue to be sure of FM not being the cause. Poor FM, he gets blamed for everything.

Until all the standards are ruled out then you can blame him. Good luck, The study is easy to do and alot of information is there. If you do have raynauds as well, then you need someone to "put it all together". All my best, Nancy B
infostat replied to Fibrofog64's response:
Cindy, I have the exact swallowing issue you describe. I was hospitalized back in 2007 after an acute onset of being unable initiate a swallow and losing about 18lbs in four weeks because i couldn't get any solids down. They tested me for Lyme, MS, Mysathenia Gravis, etc - none came back positive. The only thing that showed up was decreased sensation related to swallowing. The ENT finally diagnosed me with a a viral neuropathy of one of my cranial nerves (essentially a virus damaged the nerve, causing permanent damage to my swallowing ability). I now believe its an outlier symptom of FM or that FM suppressed my immune system, letting the virus in. I saw a speech/swallow therapist and learned several work arounds. It took me about 5 months to get back to where I could eat nearly normally. I've never been 100% back to normal, but most of the time I manage pretty well - 90%? Some textures throw me; I focus on swallowing when I eat - more than the average person has to; stress/fatigue definitely brings on a a few "misses" in my swallowing capability. But I've only had two real flares since 2007 - both brought on by extreme stress, one of which I'm going through now - this time with full FM symptoms. I feel confident that time and my coping tactics for initiating a swallow will prevail! If I can help in any way, let me know.
clkwc1964 responded:
I have experienced this to a mild degree and have only had on e bad episode. Once I choked on a very small zantac pill and thought I would choke to death. It was ridiculous but very scary at the time. I was told by a doctor recently that it is a symptom of fibro. There are many many symptoms of fibromyalgia, it is a complex mix of symptoms. Cat
booch007 responded:
RED FLAG........

RED FLAG........

You need to see GI right away. Please eat only soft foods until assessed.......GI will do a scope of the esophogus and look for motlity issues with a barium swallow. They will look for barrets esophogus which is a stricture of the end of the tube just before the stomach that will impeded food passage at times.

YOU MUST BE SEEN. Losing consciousness is NOT AN OPTION. This is real and dangerous. You need to be seen.

Shame on the MD's for not referring you to GI for assessment.
There are standard swallow studies that are done. And fixes for you in the future once they get to the bottom of it. Please watch meats.....soft foods...maybe do stews and potted meats..chew everything real well until they see oyu and tell them when you make the appointment that you passed out during a spell!

Good luck, let us know what is in the future. Nancy B
MandyCake responded:
I have problems swallowing as well and breathing. I get alot of esophgeal fungal infections from my inhalers. I lose my voice. I cough. I asperaite on my own saliva. It will feel like something way down in my throat blocking it. I have GERD, have had trauma to my throat, and was bulemic many years.

I've been to ENT who only wants to address my Chronic Sinusitis issues. My Allergist states it could be "spasms," it could be the GERD, it could be allergies, it could be meds... well you get the general idea. No one has stated that it could be my FM. No one has suggested GI consult. (I have had bleeding ulcers before) no barrium swallow studies. Nada. Today I see Pulmonary.

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