fibro squeaks and creeks
deansmimi posted:
I wonder if anyone has what's been happening to me? My arms and shoulders are always very painful. I have to choose carefully when I
can shower and wash my hair, otherwise, I'm in too much pain to scrub or reach to wash my hair. This is my problem: When I leisurly reach out for my coffee or something, my arms squeak and creak.
like bones or something rubbing together. Do I need a supplement for my joints or bones? Does anyone know? I can hear them squeaking
as well as feel them. Good Bless All!
crazytaurenswife responded:
It sounds like something you may want to talk with your doctor about. Have you ever been tested for arthritis? That sounds like how my grandma was with her knees. I don't have that problem in my arms or shoulders, but one of my knees pops and the other one grinds when I go up & down stairs (which happens quite a bit since we're in a 3 story townhouse lol). It doesn't hurt (usually), I'm planning on losing more weight to see if that takes care of it before I bring it up with my doctor.

~air hugs~

georgia888 replied to crazytaurenswife's response:
Hi Marie,
I've always heard that if the noises you describe occur without pain, then there is no need for alarm. However, if you have pain along with those sounds, please be checked by a doctor. Of course, share this with your medical caretaker as I am not one.

I have osteoarthritis & myofascial pain syndrome in addition to the fibro & my body makes all kinds of noises. I was still working at the time these changes were occuring in my body & I was so afraid that my office mates would hear them as I moved around.

Best wishes,
xperky responded:
My body is becoming noisy too! My rheumy says I have osteo arthritis in a few joints, and he can feel my left shoulder grinding even though I don't feel much pain in that one. It's the other one that bothers me more. So weird.

My neck makes cracking sounds all the time. Arthritis again. I ask my hubby if he hears it sometimes because it is very loud in my own head. He doesn't hear it though.

It would be best to bring up this chronic pain and noise at your next doctor appointment. Some doctors are even recognizing glucosamine and condroitin supplements can help keep the cushioning between the bones. Other doctors disagree. You can always ask if it's OK to take with your other medicines and give it a trial. Do some research on good prices and dosing, of course. No sense in wasting money when cheaper versions can do the job.

Some days washing my hair is difficult due to the FM fatigue and muscle pain. So I understand how you feel. I use baby shampoo to protect my eyes and bend over to massage my head with it some days. If you can fit a shower seat in your shower that might help too.

Sorry these basic things are so hard to do. It sure isn't easy, Marie.
With Compassion,
sadecakes responded:
I too have arm pain, although not as bad as some have you indicate your pain is. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. Mine sometimes feels like a pin is going thru my arm into my shoulder. Other times it radiates down my arm. It's hard to dry my hair and hold the brush and hair dryer. It's gotten worse lately.

I have cralking noises in my neck and my neck is getting to be in pain a lot more causing headaches and possibly the arm pain or at least contributing to it. I go to my dr the first of the month and i'll ask him about it then. But its an ongoing and scaring concern.

My hands also are painful. I crochet to keep busy especially if it's a day I need to be resting. My hands hurt sometimes quite a lot. Sometimes it passes and sometimes not, my hips too! Very hard sometimes and the pain moves around too. At times it stays for hours or days and then sometimes I have it where the pain is one place then moves to another!

I'm sorry I don't have a fix for you. For me either.