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Stiff and painful hands - any thoughts?
sadecakes posted:
Lately, my hands have been stiff and achy when I crochet. The crocheting relaxes me and takes my mind off of pain, stress and boredom. And it allows me to sit, something I make myself do sometimes since I doesn't always take the time. It keeps me busy and busy is good for me.

But as I get going my hands hurt to the point that I have to at least pause or often stop crocheting. Sometimes I can work through it as it can pass, as with all of my pain, it moves elsewhere.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to treatments? Also, is this merely my FM flaring or something else that should concern me?

I hope you are also painfree and enjoying your day.

Thank you, Susan
foreversore responded:
I cross stitch and embroider and if I work at it for more than an hour my shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands get stiff and really sore. I usually take an anti inflammatory, a hot shower and rest until the next day before picking my project back up.
xperky responded:
Susan, I'm sorry to hear about the hand aches. I love to crochet too, and sometimes my right hand will ache after a long session. I do notice it more if my FM is flaring. Of course it helps to take a break and stretch my fingers. It also helps to slightly change the way I'm holding the hook for a while.

Have you overdone things, been stressed, not sleeping well lately? These all make me flare and then all the aches pop up with whatever I do.

The other thing I'm keeping track of is my possible RA diagnosis. My feet are of most concern there, but I'm keeping notes for my rheumy. Do you have any arthritis too?

In any case, I've enjoyed crocheting slippers for me and my DH this Spring. I'm working on an all cotton shawl for this summer. That will take some doing! I hear it is good to keep ourselves moving, and that includes our hands.

Happy crocheting.
With Compassion,
sadecakes responded:
Thank you foreversore and xperky for responding. Nice to know there are follow kneedle workers out there, however, unfortunate that you have the same issues I do.

What's odd about my pain is that it happens as I start to crochet as opposed to occurring after a long session crocheting. And I'm using my right hand to hold the hook....I'm left handed.

I have not been diagnosed w arthritis, yet. I'm concerned that I may, though especially in my neck which is crackling, popping and very sore casing headaches and problems sleeping. I'm under stress since we just moved to a new state plus I'm not working. We need the extra income but lately I'm sore, stiff and hurting! More than I ever have experienced before. And the meds don't seem to eliminate the pain anymore. Frustrating

I will try an anti inflammatory, rest and heat (shower, bath, heating pad) and see if this helps. I may just need to accept that my body is changing and I need to adapt.

On a ligher note, I just finished an afghan that I'm sending to my sister-in-law. She's been on meds that have made her ill so I thought this would be a good pick me up for her. Now finishing a market bag to take to the farmers market. I've been eyeing shawls, maybe the next project.

Thank you again and happy crafting to you both. Susan
katmandulou responded:
I'm a knitter and have felt the same thing. I'm sure there are padded things you could slip the "handle" of a hook into, it would make it easier to hold. I know I've seen hooks with slightly larger, padded "handles".

Here's a like I found for a woman who makes her own larger clay handles - with directions!:

That's how OXO Good Grips started - the founder saw his wife (who had arthritis) struggling to hold kitchen utensils.
Victoriajeanne responded:
I am an organist/pianist at my church and have been playing there for 16 yrs., and began learning at the age of 6. I am now 43, and have had fibromyalgia since last year. i am now finding that there are days when my hands get very stiff and sometimes sharp pains shoot through my fingers and they seem to be much more weak. Sometimes I fear i will get to the piont of not being able to play at all. I also love to crossstitch, but have not done any of that for months because of the stiffness and pain. Playing the piano and doing crafting are wonderful stress relievers, but what do you do when those things are not an option? It can b so depressing and frustrating. It seems the things which help us are the things we may not be able to do. I often massage lotion gently into my hands to try and relieve the pain. Warm lotion might help as well as soaking your hands in warm water. I will pray for you that things get better and you no longer have such frequent pain an stiffness. Stay strong!!
stillhangingin replied to Victoriajeanne's response:
I was diag. with sever arthritis at the same time as the fibro. (at 36) My left hip is a mess with my lumbar spine 2 years ago my hands started pain doctor recommends weekly parafin (sp?) soaks---I live in a very rural area and we don't have salon that does it but in bigger places.....I do understand I sew and quilt and haven't touched it in months.
fitzgift replied to stillhangingin's response:
I also have Rthritis really bad in my hands I went to and found a home paraffin dip container so I can use it at home when I need to They send you about six wax logs to use with instructions This works great I put my hands in the paraffin wax put the gloves on and leave them on till the wax gets cool my hands feel really good after treatment You can reuse the wax over again Check this website out . Hope this helps fitzgift
booch007 responded:
I have a hard time to crochet but I do it anyway. Keeping the elbows in to the body and I rub (for me...sombra) but stop pain might be the same thing..on the forearm muscles.

That bugger pulls on the attachment to the thumb and dang it...yikes. so I work and rest, rub and start again. I just did two afghans as gifts and I need to do one more. I know I probably won't be able to do it in the older years so i push through with little spurts now.

So try that. I end up sitting on my hands to stretch the muscles when I put it all down. Sorry you have similar involvement like me.

Good luck, anything can be done, it is just about figuring a trick and a way....and doing it! Hugs, Nancy B

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