Nose Sore
crystalscats posted:
Ok new thing going on with me. I have been in the process of moving so knew I was going to flare. However I noticed when moved the weather was much better and warmer for me. So I spent time outside getting my natural Vit D. Well now it seems when I go out in the sun I keep getting this annoying nose sore. I put neosporan on it and went away. Then next time out in sun popped up again. Doesn't hurt just annoying if nose is running from allergies and touch it then it's sore. Anyone else get this?

painfullyexhausted responded:
I know this will sound weird but it could be related to the herpes virus or better known as a cold sore. Most people don't realize that cold sores don't only happen on the lips. Because you said it happened while being in the sun is the reason I say this. Alot of people that get cold sores complain that if they get too much sun they pop out. Sun exposure actually lowers the bodies immune system therefore it triggers the virus. Some people can go for years and never have one then all of a sudden they do and are confused as to how they got this virus. It can lie dormant for a long period of time and then something triggers it, sun, a cold, or the flu. Of course I'm not diagnosing anything, but I just wanted to tell you my thoughts. I hope I didn't offend you in any way as that was certainly not my intentions. Only trying to help, maybe ask your doctor to take a look.
booch007 responded:
Painful is absolutely right. My son also has his herpes cold sore in his nose.

The sun or a fever (heat) will bring it out, stress as well. You need prescriptive ointment to just make it dormant again.

Now, it is contagious when out and in blister becareful with touching and then not washing your hands....this virus is very strong (virulent). The beginning tingling you get (if you now pay attention for it) is when you can ice it down to stay dormant or get your ointment on it and it moves through it's stages very fast.

My son hasn't had an issue for quite a while now that he knows the tricks. The dermatologist took a scraping of it to be sure of the diagnosis but I was pretty sure by the pattern. As you now share a pattern......

I am sorry, Acyclovir or any of the -----vir meds will help.

It is no big deal except during blister and touching for someone else, they can get it. Good luck. Read some info on the computer and get you knowledge up.

Take care...Nancy B

Naturopathic, L-Lysine is a good helper to not see this bugger, but I am avid on the Rx ointment. .