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OK..Part 2: What are you hearing in spring???
booch007 posted:
Thought this would be an addition?

The humm of lawnmowers throughout the neighborhood. That 5am song of our Robins....and all the birds chattering like there is excitement coming for the to wake up to this.

The blower being used down at the school (I live up the block from our school) to get the spring rains off the track and keep it clear for everyone.

The sounds of projects being hammered and sawed and new growth to a home happening. IT is an exciting time.

I so treasure a carpenter that can take a piece of wood and make something from nothing....even the smell of fresh cut wood (drives me looney!)

I have a swing in my apple tree and in it I can sit and SEE and HEAR everything going on around me. To stop in the busy day and do this is a good dose of medicine. Closing your eyes and just listening for a bit, good stuff.

The rustle of the wind in the trees..."Gods whispers" it is teling to you to slow down. I have a wind chime (so small) on a table in the great is run by batteries. Turning it on it will chime here and there...and in the hot summer it offfers me the thought that a breeze just passed it and I missed it. That little tinkle-tinkle sound is very warming to the heart and cooling to the spirit.

So, what are you hearing around you? Hoping not to read...the bustling of trucks, highway and car horns , as some live in the city!

Maybe tell me what you hear in your "Healing garden" the place your mind goes when you need the help you need. The healing garden is where you are under your blanket with the heating pad.
When moving is too much, and the thought of even a stretch is overwhelming. That is when you need to open the gate to the "Healing Garden" and sense a place of peace and rest...........

Eyes closed and travel around seeing and sensing all the possibilities for you.

OK, so help me out here....what do you hear in your spring?

Hugs to all, Nancy B
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Children laughing and shrieking as they play outside.

Birds singing. I seem to miss them more and more each winter and it's lovely to hear them again after our long, cold, dark, wet spring.

Trees and leaves rustling in the breeze.

Neighbors working on their lawns with various tools. Don't particularly enjoy that sound but it is one of the sounds of spring and summer.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
MMM42 responded:
A tribute to you Nancy as you choose to see the light as opposed to the everpresent darkness in our community!
MMM42 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Caprice, It's attitudes like yours that we cling to - as they keep us moving upward & forward.
A very sincere thanks to you.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to MMM42's response:
Thank YOU, MMM! You made my day!
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
painfullyexhausted responded:
Tractors plowing up the soil, birds, birds, and more birds. Yes, the wind chimes (my personal favorite), the kids at the ball park playing ball and the parents cheering them on. The rain, wind, and thunderstorms. A few weeks ago, every lawnmower within a 2 mile radius. Better yet, the smell of fresh cut grass that reminds you of the summer and sun that will soon be here. There has been beautiful sunrises lately that change the sky into a unique canvas for the sun to make it's reflection into awesome colors of deep purple, lavander, red, orange and a crazy blue. Spring is a beautiful season to watch unfold, unfortunately the darn rain is required to be present as it helps with the growth of new flowers ! Sights and sounds of spring is a promise that summer will soon join us.
booch007 replied to MMM42's response: have to make your own sunshine sometimes and pull it behind you! Nancy
booch007 replied to painfullyexhausted's response:
Oh the sound of chimes....I love the tinkle to the lower tones, I have quite a few in the yard.

Though I always have music on, it is rare to be in silence and listen to my birds and the buzz of those HUGE bees that hover and I talk too....those guys are too much. I always wonder what they see* when they are hovering and looking at me. (Also in my warped mind wonder who the spirit may be inside them and visiting me) This is why I talk to them. (Not crazy...just hopeful)

You must be in the mid west/central USA with your tractors...I do have a crazy neighbor who *combs * his lawn with a blower every weekend. So sad, his kids could never play on that lawn . Your property should be for living.....not looking!

Thanks for the replies, I think I have one more for this series...I will wait til later to post it. Thanks again, Nancy

Thought I would see and here from more though...Hmmm.

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