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Back of head pain
Marylyce posted:
I know I have been writing alot lately but I wanted to address the back of head pain. Some of it seems to correspond with taking my glasses off and on. My muscles pull tight including above my ears and in my jaw. It is awful lately. I had trigger point injections in the back of my head 1 week ago. I go to eye dr. today and will ask him about it. Does anyone get relief from that?
sadecakes responded:
I am very familiar with this pain. I jokingly I've said that even my eyelashes hurt! It can go into my jaws, ears, teeth, forhead and across my scalp. It's painful and can really make me unable to do anything! and it all starts at the back of my head. What seems to help me some times is to do relaxation exercises for my neck - this is where this stems from for me.

I've never had injections but I do wear glasses and wonder if that could cause head aches. A question for your doc. I hope you get some relief soon.

booch007 responded:
I say that my head feels like glass is in the neck! If I turn or move....OY! What a pain, sharp and like glass in there.

I use a rice pak, small and heat it to the back muscles that attach the head to the neck. That and I sit on my hands to straighten the neck muscles. It has helped alot. That and my muscle relaxant and motrin. I hope my trick helps you. (this is also only when I have crossed the line and done too much!)

I too am off to the eye doc soon. I have problems with seeing in my L eye and it it all happened so suddenly. I have glasses on and off and use cheap reading glasses to see, as opposed to the $$$ bifocals I bought. "Things are always changing"....

Good luck with putting out this fire, hope you feel better.
Hugs, Nancy B
slygrammy3 replied to booch007's response:
when i move my neck ,it sounds like bubble wrap popping and feels are not alone.
saras_grammy replied to sadecakes's response:
The occipital nerve starts in back at the base of neck/spine. There is a trigger point there in fact yrs ago I received trigger pt inj and nerve blocks. When the med went in I received a jolt type pain that wrapped around from base of head/neck to top of head to behind the eyes. When I made a comment the pain dr said that he knows he really hit the right spot as thats what was supposed to happen.

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