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Dr. P
booch007 posted:
Good morning,

I was rereading the EBV comments and I am concerned with my son. He had a significant Mono infection in his early 20's and multiple Lyme infections as he is an avid hunter (yuck).

But he has complaints of myofascial issues again and again, feeling sick,feverish. I wanted him to go to the big lyme clinic we have here in NY. As he feels he has chronic lyme. (I myself am not clear on Chronic lyme complaints when you have had therapy). BUT, if he is EBV and OMG if he is following me with this dragon of a heart will break.

What is your thought on this passage of events. What would be best avenue to have him diagnosed. Our internist is not worldly in things (derm, I.D.), but so good in others.

Tom is 30y/o he is the one getting married in August. Geez....he owns the deli and catering business and is exhausted ater the full day as well. He is not doctor friendly, has a high pain tolerance and for him to complain I know to pay attention.

Got any ideas where to go. I.D with the Lyme clinic and then maybe my doc for the ?FM thoughts.........crap, it is always something!

Thanks to you in advance, so lucky to have you here...Nancy B

ADD: I am not asking for a referral...just a general path in the hunt for the right diagnosis. I.D, Rheumy, my Neuro.....yikes!
dollbug responded:
Hello Nana B...MiMi in younger son also just turned 30...and I, too, have worried that one of my children might *be bothered with the wrath of the dragon*....I sure hope is enough for us to worry with it...I sure do not want one of my children having to deal with it...I try not to think about daughter has had her share of chronic sickness....(not FM though - thank goodness for this)...

My older son turned 35...I was in my 50's though when it hit me...and then there is the fact that my DH is a cancer survivor...which I sure hope no one gets that either..

I do hope you can encourage your son to be checked out for this though...perhaps he just needs to slow down some...I think for those who have jobs these days...that they are prone to work too much anyway...

OK, Nana B...if your son is working alot and is inside...perhaps he, too, needs to get his Vitamin D level checked...this has become a big issue with a lot of people...and as some of us know...just how important it can be..

I do hope he will get checked that he can feel better soon.

Take care.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 replied to dollbug's response:
Oh mama Mimi......I will ask him to get the D checked too....

You are such a Mama-la.................Nancy
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi Nancy B,

That's the worst feeling: worrying about our kid's pain and hoping it won't be a chronic condition. Myofascial pains plus non-painful symptoms such as flu-like symptoms and fatigue would certainly raise my concern for fibro, and perhaps, a post-infectious form of fibro.

Since the diagnosis is the most important starting point, you may want to suggest your son first see your fibro doc who could assess for fibro, other conditions, any causes/relationships, and, of course, any specific treatment options. I would expect your fibro doc would be able to recommend any additional testing or specialist evaluations as needed.

Let me know how this goes.

Dr. P
DakotaWilsonFM responded:
Nancy... My son does have FM and seems to have so much power to fight the fatigue and pain i feel a fool I can't.... But as he has said many times.. mine is complicated with so much else... his so far isn't complicated with it all yet... I fear "yet" being the inoperative word here...

I fear for my family every time they go to the Dr... I fear when they can't see a Dr..I fear that someday it will be too late to help them... and I can't reach out to them today... and I can't change their pain...

there is so much I could say here... but I am just so tired tonight... ans I am falling asleep sitting by keyboard...

You take care... soft and gentle hugs... luv....


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